Marsh launches portable sewage treatment plants

Marsh launches portable sewage treatment plants

Marsh Industries has launched a range of portable sewage treatment plants for temporary office blocks, portable buildings and small commercial premises.

The new range of units, branded Portapura, are portable, compact and provide discharge that is 25 times better than the EN standard. This means effluent discharge can be made directly to a watercourse or a correctly designed drainage field.

The Portapura can be installed above or below ground in as little as two hours without the need for heavy plant, concrete and shuttering, reportedly providing substantial cost and health and safety benefits.

Tested to BS EN 12566 part 3 over a three year period at PIA GmbH test centre in Aachen, Germany, the Portapura exceeds UK and European Standards, meaning the unit can also be used to replace inadequate septic tanks in accordance with forthcoming Environment Agency ‘General Binding Rules’ for septic tank discharges, effective on 1 January 2020.

Managing Director, Steve Boyer, commented: “We are bringing the Portapura to market at a time where environmental sensitivity surrounding construction projects has never been more important.

“With clear design objectives we have managed to achieve the smallest, most portable and best performing unit with a low carbon footprint and low life-cycle costs. This, when you consider the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules effective on 1 January 2020, means the Portapura is a sewage treatment plant built with the future in mind.

“The system has also been welcomed by holiday park owners and leisure sites, already proving that it is a unique, cost-effective and space-saving solution.”

To find out more about the Portapura, contact the Marsh team on 01933 654582 or email

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