Myers Group invests in AI security upgrade at 19 sites

Myers Group invests in AI security upgrade at 19 sites

Myers Group has invested £200,000 in the install of artificial-intelligence (AI)-enabled CCTV systems across its sites, as part of the group’s ongoing efforts to upgrade security and boost profits.

The technology – designed, installed and maintained by Centurion Fire & Security Ltd – now oversees operations at Myers Group’s 19 builders’ merchant sites, its three Readymix concrete sites and Johnsons Wellfield stone quarry.  

The existing analogue CCTV cabling was upgraded using Coax to IP converters to minimise re-cabling in Cat5. Once a dedicated CCTV network was established POE switches were used to power and connect more than one IP camera over coax. The existing detection sensors such a Redwalls and PIR sensors where rendered obsolete by the use of DeepinMind HikVision NVR’s with AI to determine the presence of humans or if an object was removed from an area to alert the monitoring station.

The stone quarry presented a different challenge and was linked to the network using point to point Wi-Fi transceivers with a range of up to 4km and used Thermal HIKVision cameras to detect humans in the quarry with no white light or infrared light being required whatsoever.

Paul Bradley, group operations manager at Myers Group, commented on the company’s need for a new CCTV system: “We already had CCTV in place, but it was outdated and unreliable, with many cameras being out-of-action, meaning that we experienced issues surrounding missed health and safety incidents, as well as trespassing.

“We were aware that better technology was available, and that we could improve staff and visitor safety, whilst simultaneously having an immediate and positive impact on the bottom-line.”

Centurion designed a complex network of 335 HD cameras, 22 HD recording units and a PA system – enabling direct communication with any trespassers – to observe the sites, and now carries out out-of-hours remote monitoring of the system.

Thermal imaging cameras were also installed at Johnsons Wellfield quarry to capture movements in the large, dark quarry during the night. The AI-learning cameras are able to filter out false alarms and will distinguish between an animal and a human.

Paul continued: “As a Yorkshire-based business, we wanted to work with a local firm with a solid reputation. We were impressed with Centurion’s ability to meet the complexity posed by our multi-site network, in a short time-frame.

“They rose to the challenge, and the result is a technologically-advanced system which saves us the annual salaries of security guards; deters thieves and trespassing; and provides us with a paper trail for any health and safety incidents.”

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