NBG explores drainage and waterworks

NBG explores drainage and waterworks

Phil West, Director of MAP Building & Civil Engineering Supplies based in Ilkeston, has been a National Buying Group (NBG) partner for four years. Phil is part of the civils and landscaping Category Management Team (CMT) which meets on a quarterly basis to discuss and progress deals, ratify recommendations for new agreements, and ensure agreements are being supported. Here, he takes a deep dive into drainage and waterworks and discusses how social housing is continuing to be a main source of demand. 

Local authorities have tight budgets when building new social housing developments, and that’s why it’s important for independent merchants to remain competitive on products and services. Phil explains: “At the moment we are getting a lot of business from the social housing sector, which is good, but unsurprisingly they are always looking to build and develop homes in the most cost-effective way possible.”

The debate amongst politicians is still ongoing as to whether local governments are producing enough social housing to meet demand, with records suggesting that there were 4,251 new-build social houses built in 2018. For Phil and his team at MAP Building & Civil Engineering Supplies, they are busy providing products and solutions to build the groundworks of new social housing developments.

Phil said: “Just like we do for the private sector, we provide a range of concrete, plastic and clay pipe solutions to a number of social housing developments. However, one of their key priorities is to get the best price possible. As a result, we have seen the profit margin on these types of products reduce, which has undoubtedly had an impact on our bottom line

“It’s during times like these that I am so thankful to be a partner within the NBG network. It’s a reassurance to know that my business has access to the best product deals possible.”

NBG partners combine buying power to achieve more favourable supplier trading terms than they would on their own. Agreements are tendered on a regular basis to ensure NBG’s terms remain competitive and fair.

Phil added: “Within the NBG network there are eight CMTs which incorporate all of the key products groups. What’s great about these teams is that they comprise experts in certain fields and in addition, we get support from a professional buyer. This means we have access to better, and more numerous deals, across all of our key products, saving time, money and effort by sharing the workload.”


NBG News

  • NBG has welcomed new partner, Tinhay Building Supplies. Opened in 1999, Tinhay offers quality service and products to customers in the South West
  • NBG Partners and Suppliers went head-to-head in the annual Ryder Cup Golf Day this month. Victory went to NBG Partners who won 7.5 to 4.5
  • Kerrie Kincade from NBG took part in the Pavestone Rally at the beginning of September, driving 2,250 miles in five days. This year’s rally has so far raised over £133,000 for children’s charities.
  • Plans for the NBG Conference 2019 are well underway. Partners, suppliers and guests will be heading to Glasgow on 19th and 20th November.


For more information, visit www.nationalbuyinggroup.com, find them on Twitter @NBGLLP or on LinkedIn by searching for National Buying Group.

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