New improvements to PJH Partners Portal

New improvements to PJH Partners Portal

In response to requests, the ability to ‘toggle’ between displaying and not-displaying prices functionality has been added to PJH Group’s PJH Partners Portal e-commerce site.

With more and more bathroom, kitchen and appliance retailers using the Portal together with their prospective customers, and as part of the selling and ordering process, the ability to either display or not display trade or retail prices as appropriate, extends its functionality even further, asserts the company.

Speaking about the new price toggle feature, Sally Hough, PJH’s Multi-Channel Marketing Manager said: “The PJH Partners Portal is a dynamic tool, constantly being improved and updated with new features being added all the time. The ability to toggle between showing prices or not has been a much-requested feature by retailers who are increasingly using the portal in collaboration with their customers when selecting products.”

The manufacturer says that take up of the Partners Portal has been almost exponential as customers have quickly embraced its user-intuitive icon-driven interface, making full use of its many features that make product searching, ordering and customer account management easy. The addition of ‘price toggling’ extends further its application and usability as well as underlining PJH’s commitment to working with its customers.

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