NMBS updates members on new OnePlace benefits

NMBS updates members on new OnePlace benefits

NMBS has held a webinar to update members on the latest new features added to the OnePlace B2B ordering and product information management (PIM) platform.

OnePlace was designed to create better trading efficiencies for NMBS members by enabling them to search for and order products quickly on the platform, as well as providing quick and easy access to supplier product and price data. The platform is undergoing a programme of continuous improvement during 2021 as the NMBS team works to make it even more efficient, creating further sales opportunities for members and suppliers.

During the recent webinar, NMBS Commercial Director Andy Hextall and the E-Commerce team led more than 70 members through the latest round of software updates. Members tuned in to find out what new features have been added, and to learn how they can take advantage of these features to grow their own businesses.

OnePlace can be used by merchants at the trade counter as a live online or in-branch catalogue. Supplier products on the system can be viewed without prices being displayed, which means orders can be created directly at the trade counter without a merchant’s customer being able to see the price the merchant is paying for the product.

A new feature that has been added to OnePlace is the ability to view live stock levels, so members can check availability before placing an order. Suppliers can create a live application programming interface (API) between their own platforms and OnePlace, which will regularly check stock levels and update OnePlace in real time. Products will clearly show if they are out of stock, and suppliers have the option to prevent out-of-stock products from being ordered, or to allow the order to go through, but with members being notified of an extended lead time. This feature is currently available through some suppliers, but will be rolled out to all OnePlace suppliers during the coming year. This feature was widely requested by members and suppliers, to allow members to check stock levels quickly and easily before placing orders, reducing the number of follow-up queries.

In addition, suppliers can also now provide tracking information on placed orders through an API in the form of a tracking number and link. Once the tracking detail has been added, the NMBS member will be able to follow the tracking link to view the status of the delivery.

The OnePlace platform is constantly evolving, and NMBS has committed to a schedule of further developments throughout 2021. Later this year, more updates will provide access to additional documents relating to each order, such as invoices, advanced shipping notices and proof-of-delivery, so that members can view all the documents relating to their purchases in one place.

Andy says: “Our latest webinar was held to provide members with insight into the roadmap for updating and expanding the OnePlace platform during 2021. We are delighted with how many members chose to take time out of their busy schedules to join us, and with the feedback we have received since. Those members who have begun to use OnePlace have seen the significant benefits the system can offer, which includes access to rich product and price data from all the suppliers on the platform, as well as efficient and query-free ordering for stocked products and non-stock special orders, as well as additional rebates that are exclusive to the use of the platform.”

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