#NoMorePotholes from IKO wins Best Social Media Campaign

#NoMorePotholes from IKO wins Best Social Media Campaign

IKO PLC’s #NoMorePotholes campaign won ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ at the recent Construction Marketing Awards.

Working with MRA Marketing, IKO PLC’s ongoing campaign raises awareness of the problems potholes cause, why repairs aren’t working, and that there’s a solution. The #NoMorePotholes campaign won thanks to the impressive coverage achieved and high engagement on social media and within the market.

The judges praised IKO for: “An interesting and engaging entry, with very creative use of the ‘duck’. The results are excellent [and we] particularly liked the way the campaign gained momentum and gained demonstrable results.”

The original #NoMorePotholes campaign began in February 2016. A year later, to celebrate the anniversary, and to build on the understanding and awareness of the issue already generated, a new dimension was introduced — the IKO #NoMorePotholes ducks.

IKO PLC saw Twitter followers, mentions and engagement increase rapidly. It dominated #NoMorePotholes and #PotholeOfTheWeek hashtags, and Google rankings for these phrases. Contractors, merchants, specifiers, editors and other unrelated manufacturers engaged with the campaign.

“The traditional approach to pothole repair is costly, ineffective, it wastes taxpayer’s money and it frustrates and endangers road-users. Mastic asphalt is a better, longer-lasting solution that is already being used on crack repairs, resurfacing and more – it could transform UK roads and save money,” comments Andy Williamson, UK Group Managing Director. “The #NoMorePotholes campaign has been instrumental in getting this message out to the road maintenance market and we are thrilled that our little ducks have been recognised for their hard work!”

For more information, visit: www.ikogroup.co.uk/News/-NoMorePotHoles/

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