PipeSnug to be stocked in Jewson branches nationwide

PipeSnug to be stocked in Jewson branches nationwide

PipeSnug is pleased to report that Jewson is now stocking its products in hundreds of its branches. The announcement is the latest success for the supplier as upcoming changes to Part L of the Building Regulations specify the sealing of pipes with energy efficient pipe collars and grommets.

PipeSnug explains that one of the ways heat is lost from a home is through the pointing or seals around pipes that exit through an external wall. Traditionally, ‘making good’ around pipes is done by using mortar or a sealant, but this can result in a messy finish and weathering causes cracks that let out heat. Moreover, PipeSnug argues these methods may result in a space which struggles to meet the new Part L requirements.

Lisa Young, Category Director for Jewson, said:“We are delighted to be stocking PipeSnug across our branches and on our website, with PipeSnug pipe collars and FlueSnug, which is designed specifically for boiler flues, being endorsed by major boiler companies. PipeSnug is also Part L compliant in helping with airtightness in properties, as well as being quick and easy to install which is great news for our customers.”

Alex Lever, Director of PipeSnug, added: “We are absolutely delighted that PipeSnug and FlueSnug are being stocked by merchants like Jewson. More and more tradespeople are turning to our products to seal holes arounds pipes, saving time, money, mess and hassle – while making pipework installations much more energy efficient.”

The changes to Part L regulations are designed to make the homes of the future more comfortable and energy efficient. One of the areas that’s seen change in these regulations is around airtightness. This is because the Government has recognised that more airtight homes are able to keep heat loss down to a minimum.

PipeSnug comes in a range of sizes to suit standard waste and soil pipe fittings. This means the product can be used on a wide variety of pipe, internally and externally. The 32mm and 40mm collars are said to be a great fit for solvent weld waste pipe fittings or boiler condensate pipes and fit a 52mm core-drilled hole, while the 110mm ones are described as being ideal for push-fit and solvent weld soil pipe fittings and fit a 152mm core-drilled hole. The FlueSnug version works with 100mm boiler flues.

All PipeSnug products can be fitted in seconds, with another added benefit of the 110mm PipeSnug and the FlueSnug being that they can be installed at height, without the need for ladders or scaffolding. This is because the products are flexible enough to be pushed through the hole meant for the pipework, saving even more time and fuss.

For more details on PipeSnug and FlueSnug visit: pipesnug.co.uk

PipeSnug is pleased to report that Jewson is now stocking its PipeSnug and FlueSnug products in hundreds of its branches.

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