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The brainchild of professional tradesman Pete Carter, Beadmaster is designed to make easy work of a difficult stage of the building process. When plasterboard is badly cut and it is difficult to achieve a good finish, the bead can be used to re-establish a good edge and deliver a perfect finish around sockets, switches, downlights and sprinklers.

The products will help ensure the highest quality results ‘first time, every time’ to reduce re-work and snagging, and also provide an important health and safety advantage by providing a protective barrier from potentially live connections to a level of IP 55, keeping the cables contained within clean and safe.

Easy to plaster and paint over, when the work is dry, the centre section can be cut out to reveal a perfectly flat and reinforced plastic edge, allowing the socket faces to be fitted.

Pete was interviewed by our colleagues on Professional Builder magazine last year and the concept also won a ‘Top Product’ award from our sister publication Professional Electrician. With distribution already secured via a number of leading builders’ merchants and electrical wholesalers, Pete is eager to get his creation into more outlets.

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Make Good Plasters

White multi-skim finish

Make Good Plasters and Fillers started out in 2017 with a small range of jointing and filling products, followed by the launch of undercoat plasters and plasterboard. Now, having collaborated with an experienced team of UK-based plasterers and following “thousands of trial development tests”, the firm has released its “much-anticipated” white multi-skim finish.

Director Tim Surmeli said: “The UK plaster market is well established with some products that are very dominant. Plasterers have long been screaming out for choice in the market and we have worked closely with them to deliver them just that. Our aim was to create something ‘for plasterers, made by plasterers’.
“This process has been a real labour of love. After three long years in the making, we are so pleased to see our multi-skim come to fruition and be able to add this to our product range. This is a game changer for the UK plaster industry.”

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The redevelopment of a large residential property in Sutton Coldfield to create a £5million mansion has shown the versatility of Marmox Multiboard, with the product used in a number of applications on the build, both inside and out, featuring within the pool/spa complex and then around a terraced patio area.

The six-bedroom home has been extended to the rear and has had a third floor added during a year-long rebuild, creating additional bedrooms, living rooms and high specification recreational space.

As one of the specialist package contractors on the project, West Midlands based IMAC Joinery has installed more than 100 of the 600 x 1250mm Multiboards. The 10mm thick boards are held securely against the concrete blockwork, offering a suitable substrate for applying the marble tiles.

All of the boards, dowels and Marmox waterproof jointing tape were supplied by Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining in West Thurrock.

Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene (XPS), faced on both sides with mesh reinforced, polymer cement mortar and offer a range of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to sustain substantial loadings if required and they further offer good thermal insulation performance, helping to cut condensation risk.

Comprehensive information on Multiboard, including data sheets and suggested applications, can be viewed via

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