Point of Sale – May 2020

Point of Sale – May 2020

JCP Construction Products has ramped up its marketing support for merchants with the launch of a comprehensive dealer catalogue and new merchandising options.

The specialist fixing division of Owlett-Jaton, JCP’s 2020 catalogue for distributors is said to be the firm’s most comprehensive to date, having undergone a complete design refresh, and now contains more information than ever before. Dedicated technical support information, a product application finder and a whole merchandising section have all been added.

Along with a revised product order for ease of navigation, an index designed to enable products to be found easily has been included. The catalogue includes a host of new additions, including the full range of BlindBolts (of which Owlett-Jaton is the Master Wholesaler).

Further new additions include the low profile Metalfix self-drilling screws for steel to steel fixing and drill bit sets — Straight Shank and SDS — which are available from June in addition to new grooved nails and wall screws.

The firm has also released two new point of sale stand deals allow its range to be more easily displayed for maximum return. Put together to include the best-selling items, small or large stands are available which will allow both bagged fixings and non-hangable products to be presented clearly to engage with customers and provide a complete merchandising solution.

To download the new catalogue, go to: http://jcpfixings.co.uk/media/Price_List_2020/JCP_Full_Catalogue_2020_RE01.pdf

First dates

‘Lakes Partners’ has been established by the showering spaces specialist to create the perfect match and help its stockists sell more. 

The partnership programme is built on the company’s new Customer Commitment Charter, developed to drive awareness and demand for Lakes’ stockist partners, along with new service and support initiatives to help customers grow their business profitably and sustainably.

The approach is based on a belief that the requirements of each stockist are different — “with different resources, ambitions and potential” — so the Charter is designed to match their individual “capacity, ambition, activity and commitment” to Lakes’ own. This close-matching is intended to enable both parties, stockist and supplier, to take advantage of the long-term growth opportunities in the showering space market.

The partnership is based on an increasing scale of benefits and loyalty — the more Lakes Partners commit, the more Lakes commits, and the more each will gain.

Sales & Marketing Director Mike Tattam explained: “Building longstanding partnerships with stockists is at the heart of Lakes’ strategy. Our journey over the last two years has been to help our customers take advantage of big changes in the market and capture a greater share, but because each stockist is different, Lakes Partners takes a graduated approach where both sides are rewarded for their increasing commitment.

“Lakes Partners is a joint commitment to develop a long lasting, mutually rewarding, business. Customers who sign up to our new Charter will benefit from Lakes’ leading service and support — including some powerful new business-generating tools — and our investment in product development that will change the market, boost its value, and help customers capture a greater share.”

For more on the Lakes Partners programme, click here: https://lakesshoweringspaces.com/trade/#.XpmZwZnTW00



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