Polypipe introduces PolySoil

Polypipe introduces PolySoil

Billed as the ‘most comprehensive and technologically advanced ring seal soil system available to the UK residential above ground drainage market’, Polypipe Building Products has introduced PolySoil. Paul Jackson, the firm’s Above Ground Drainage Product Manager, outlines what merchants need to know about what the supplier describes as this year’s ‘must have’ above ground drainage product range. 

Soil and waste products for domestic applications are, by and large, tried and trusted products. They are manufactured to be fitted once and then left to quietly perform the role of moving wastewater and grey water from homes after every shower, bath, clothes wash or kitchen clean-up.

For many years, the guiding principle for soil products has been ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, changing demands from plumbers, builders and even homeowners means that a responsible manufacturer needs to always ask ‘what more can my product do’?

With this philosophy in mind, Polypipe Building Products has launched PolySoil — an innovative range of new ring seal soil products for the UK residential market, designed to make installation faster and safer for plumbers and contractors.

Ring seal soil systems have remained largely unchanged for several decades, so in our view this makes PolySoil the most comprehensive and technologically advanced soil product in the sector — and, consequently, means that demand is likely to be high.

To help make life easier for counter staff in-branch, there are a number of key benefits that should make the sales process simple.

Key features

The new PolySoil range brings together solid component construction, sleek design and innovative features that demonstrate the very best of British design ingenuity, including single-piece moulding technology and a new blue fixed Ring Lock Seal, that makes it  ‘unmistakably Polypipe’.

PolySoil is constructed from single-piece moulding technology that improves the performance and longevity of the soil system by having no snap caps. Soil systems expand and contract depending on the temperature of the water running through the system, and it is possible that over time the integrity of a snap cap fitting can be compromised leading to failure.

The fittings are manufactured with one-piece moulding technology so they have no moving parts, therefore improving the life and integrity of a soil system. With this sleek design, PolySoil gives a more compact fitting making the soil stack easy to fit in the compact spaces.

The fixed Ring Lock Seal is made up of the blue Polypipe seal and a specially engineered ridged stay-shape ring to lock everything in place, ensuring maximum seal integrity. This means no distortion, no dislodging or drop through of the seal allowing for quick and easy installation of a waste system in any environment.

Polypipe has been trialling these products with installers and has received excellent feedback from plumbers who have been able to install vertical soil systems more quickly due to the new compact design and secure Ring Lock Seal.

Added benefits

The range has been developed and manufactured with excellence in mind, and holds Kitemark BS EN 1329, for additional quality assurance. PolySoil is available in a number of colours suitable for any residential application where the soil system may be visible, including black, grey, white and brown.

Furthermore, it is worth bringing to the attention of customers that the product labelling on each component includes easy to use QR codes which provide access to enhanced details about the product. The label is waterproof and easy peel so no unsightly hard to peel labels left on the soil stack.

Finally, PolySoil offers an opportunity to upsell other soil and waste systems that can provide everything necessary for quick, easy installation and trouble-free performance including push-fit ring seals and solvent weld options, air admittance valves, fire protection sleeves, pan connectors, fixings and ancillaries, all certified to EN1329 and EN1453 standards.

To support merchants and stockists further, the PolySoil range is available with a number of POS assets and technical brochures available for each store or outlet.


For more information on the new PolySoil range, visit www.polypipe.com/polysoil

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