Powered Now reports callouts for gas engineers spike during October

Powered Now reports callouts for gas engineers spike during October

As we fast approach the winter months, millions of people across the country are hoping to get their homes in the best condition possible to prepare for the colder weather.

Heating maintenance is certainly essential in this preparation, as boilers are likely to have been dormant over the summer and any problems may have been underlooked. As the country turns their radiators on once again, any unprecedented problems are likely to come to light causing a spike in demand for gas engineers- in particular for those that do not have insurance.

Further to this, millions of people are likely to remain in their homes as a result of the pandemic, which will undoubtedly cause heating to be turned on more frequently. As more problems with heating are discovered, the demand for callouts for gas engineers has spiked significantly, with 13% of gas engineers now experiencing their highest client demand ever. As a result of this spike, Powered Now has also found that 13% of Brits are now turning to the gas and engineering trade for employment.

New nationally representative research from Powered Now has unveiled research showcasing the lucrative nature of gas engineering at this time, as Britons ensure that their boilers and heating services are in the best possible condition amid localised lockdowns and pre-winter.

Key Statistics:

  • 18% of Brits agree they are now considering employment within a trade sector.
  • 13% of Brits would like to commence a role in the gas engineering sector.
  • 16% of tradespeople agree that the threat of a second wave of COVID has influenced them to commence work on home improvements sooner rather than later.
  • 12% of gas engineers agree.
  • 15% of tradespeople have seen their client demand increase post-COVID.
  • 13% of gas engineers agree.
  • 17% of tradespeople regularly work over 10 hours a day.
  • 10% of gas engineers agree.
  • 18% of tradespeople don’t have the time for new business development due to the sheer backlog of work they have.
  • 17% of gas engineers agree.

Ben Dyer, CEO, said: “As the weather turns colder, Brits are making preparations to ensure that their homes will withstand the colder months. Heating and boilers, in particular, are huge components in making up a home, and any problems with these will cause significant discomfort for residents. By ensuring these are in the best condition will guarantee a comfortable living environment during winter, and in light of this, we are expecting one final push of trade in the coming months.

“The whole industry is still in catch up mode and projects delayed by the lockdown are taking priority. However, gas engineers are certainly experiencing high demand at present as the country turns their radiators back on, and this has also caused more people to want to join the sector.

“Our SME customers are also talking about the pressure to complete jobs as people worry about a second wave. As we have seen from the sentiments established in this research, this could in fact help the trades bounce back even quicker as people will rush to hire a tradesperson for their desired work before the cooler months set in.”

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