PPS first to stock Giacomini dirt separator

PPS first to stock Giacomini dirt separator

Giacomini has a new dirt separator in its product range which is now being stocked through PPS (Professional Plumbing Supplies Ltd) of New Malden, Surrey, which has become the UK’s first stockist of Giacomini’s R146C dirt separator.

A vital component in modern heating systems, a dirt separator protects the system, and its essential parts, from both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt and debris that can build up over time and circulate through the system. This can cause blockages and hinder the system’s efficiency.

With its patented three-way fitting, this model is compact and very easy to install. It eliminates dirt and debris from the system by utilising a combination of magnetic and cyclonic effects, as well as a built in inox filter. It comes with 3/4” connections and is only 141mm in height.

The metallic debris is attracted by a powerful magnet, while other impurities sink to the bottom of the valve body thanks to the cyclonic action created by a conical-shaped insert, which enhances sedimentation. A stainless-steel filter then holds the dirt particles until they are flushed using the drain tap at the bottom of the dirt separator.

Matt Lowe, Managing Director of Giacomini UK commented: “Professional Plumbing Supplies Ltd, which prides itself on delivering “value engineering”, focuses on working with manufacturers whose products and engineering are technically advanced so we are delighted that they have chosen to stock our product.”

For further information, visit: www.uk.giacomini.com

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