Preventing virus transmission with Marsh Industries

Preventing virus transmission with Marsh Industries

As the globe contends with Covid-19, public health, personal hygiene and sanitation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Biologists, public health experts and researchers are exploring all possible routes of virus transmission, including the possibility of contamination from water and sewage. Steve Boyer, Managing Director of Marsh Industries, reveals more.

Without UV disinfection, it is well known that wastewater effluent can retain a mass of hazardous pathogens that could infect natural waterways, causing potentially serious environmental health issues.

Although it is not yet proven that Covid-19 can survive or spread through contact with water and sewage, environmental biologists at the University of Stirling have warned that the potential spread of Covid-19 via sewage “must not be neglected” in the battle to protect human health (see for details).

UV treatment has, however, been proven to eliminate bacteria such as E. coli and various other strains of coronavirus including SARS. UV light deactivates pathogens so that they cannot survive in clean water, meaning they cannot replicate and infect future waterways. It is also one of the safest disinfectants available due to the lack of chemicals used and produced by the device.

The most common method of effluent disinfection used in off-mains sewage treatment plants is to install or connect a separate UV disinfection unit to the outlet of the sewage treatment plant.

And to combat the risk of virus transmission in waterways, Marsh Industries has developed an innovative ultra violet (UV) disinfection system — the Marsh:UV — which removes 99% faecal coliform bacteria levels from sewage treatment plant effluent.

Designed with local authorities, camp sites, holiday parks and sites of special scientific interest (SSSI) in mind, The Marsh:UV disinfection unit can be supplied as an integral part within the Marsh Ultra:Polylok range of sewage treatment plants (50-500+PE) or as a standalone unit which can be installed at the outlet end of any existing sewage treatment plant.

When the Marsh:UV disinfection unit is filled with wastewater, the ultraviolet light assembly operates continuously with a lamp surface temperature range of 105-120°F providing optimum UV light output and long lamp lifespan.

A single UV maximum flow through the unit is rated at 16m³ per day or a peak flow rate of .056 litres per second under the following conditions:

  • UV dosage is greater than 5mJ/cm²
  • Suspended Solids — less than 30 mg/litre
  • BOD (5 days) — less than 30 mg/litre
  • If the effluent is cleaner than the above figures the level of treatment is greater

From the above conditions, the faecal coliform reduction by the Marsh:UV disinfection unit can exceed 99.9% or 3-logs, at the end of UV lamp life, which is two years of continuous operation.

In addition to the UV disinfection assembly, microfibre tertiary filters are attached at the inlet pipe to reduce any remaining suspended solids, residual BOD and ammonia levels.

For further information and full technical details on the Marsh:UV disinfection unit, go to

Marsh:UV key benefits

  • Removes 99% faecal coliform bacteria levels from sewage treatment plant effluent.
  • Optimum UV light distribution assembly for maximum disinfection (UV dosage requirements to provide a 90-99% reduction in different strains of coronavirus).
  • Can be supplied as an integral part within the Marsh Ultra:Polylok range of sewage treatment plants (50-500+PE) or as a standalone unit.
  • Unique microfibre tertiary filters further reduce remaining suspended solids, residual biological oxygen demands and ammonia levels.
  • Optimised for minimal running costs.
  • Heavy duty shell as standard to enable installation in all ground conditions.

Given the continuing nature of restrictions on face to face contact, Marsh Industries has been ramping up its digital engagement with customers. For example, it has recently launched a series of short product training videos designed to provide a brief overview of its fully accredited range of off-mains drainage products.

The series, titled ‘Tea-break Training’, responds to the requests from merchants, architects, engineers and installers for product knowledge while in-person training is impractical due to Covid-19 restrictions. Developed in-house, the videos are no more than seven minutes long and can be digested easily during a daily tea break.

Marsh Industries’ Business Development Manager, Michael Harrison, who presents the video series, said: “Our Tea-Break Training videos will deliver 5-7 minute overviews of our core product ranges, enabling the individual to understand the basics of our offering and how to engage with us for further support.

“It is often a logistical challenge to bring together a team for a training session in the same place and at the same time, and this challenge is amplified due to the current working climate. However, in true Marsh form, we haven’t let this problem slow us down and (our) Tea-Break Training videos can be absorbed quickly at a time to suit the individual.”

New videos are being added to the series continuously and will cover the company’s range of domestic off-mains drainage products along with its commercial sewage treatment plants, pump stations, oil separators and more.

To watch the videos, go to:

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