Purdy comments on high quality paint brushes and rollers

Purdy comments on high quality paint brushes and rollers

The provision of quality tools matched with offering sound advice will bring about more business for proactive merchants. So says Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy, who looks at why it pays to encourage your customers to consider high quality paint brushes and rollers.

The old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ certainly rings true when it comes to paint brushes and rollers — and for merchants it may seem more lucrative to keep selling cheap multipacks that will inevitably be thrown away after just one use. However, helping to build loyalty to a higher quality brand — with products that are arguably longer lasting — also has it rewards.

Whereas it can be tempting for customers to purchase the cheapest brush or roller to get the job done, low-quality products can have a variety of issues, such as shedding, and poor user comfort. They also have a much shorter lifespan and need replacing often — resulting in negative feedback which will ultimately come back to the point of sale; you.

Quality finish

A better-quality brush isn’t just about it lasting longer — it will actually result in a better finish and save a decorator time on site.

A high-quality brush, for example, should comprise several elements, including more bristles, being properly sized, having a tight ferrule to secure the bristles and high-quality hairs or filaments. This all contributes to a better finish, with smoother, ‘no drag’ brush strokes and better paint distribution and cutting in capabilities.

In addition, higher quality brushes offer superior paint lifting capacity, meaning decorators will actually spend less time ‘loading’ the brush and get the job done faster. Furthermore, manufacturers will be able to supply brushes that have bolstered epoxy, meaning filaments are locked in, eliminating any filament loss — helping to create a longer lasting brush that won’t ruin your paint job.

Professional painting tool manufacturers also offer a range of brushes, specifically suited to achieving the perfect finish for different applications. For example, Purdy’s Pro Extra Monarch brush’s longer, thicker filaments are perfect for use with oil-based paint, whilst the Sprig brush’s thinner filaments give a smoother finish with water based trim paints.

In a similar vein, the quality of the roller sleeves used will have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of the job, with the best rollers sleeves offering maximum paint pick up and lay off, leaving a perfectly smooth, lint-free finish.

For professional decorators in particular, the benefits of using higher quality brushes or roller sleeves, specific to the job in hand, are soon recognised — and with this comes a willingness to pay more, enabling premium pricing and of course higher margins for merchants.

By understanding the benefits that higher quality products offer decorators and recommending them to their customers, this also reflects well on merchant staff.

Building loyalty

Quality also builds loyalty. In fact, a brand loyalty survey from Zendesk, the customer service specialist, found that the one biggest driver of loyalty was the quality of the product. In fact, 88% of customers valued quality and customer service above the price they pay.

Merchants should therefore recognise the opportunities that partnering with a high-quality painting tools brand can bring in the long-term, alongside the immediate higher margins provided by a premium product.

Although customers may not be buying a pack of cheap brushes every week, they are likely to continue to buy from one brand, as new products enter the market — and are also more likely to try new innovations from a brand that they trust.

Partnering with a supplier that regularly adds to its range is therefore beneficial. For example, in response to feedback from its customers Purdy has launched its Cub brush, which has a short handle and angled tip specifically designed for use in confined spaces. The feedback from decorators has been excellent and the brush is a valuable addition to the Purdy range.

To maximise margin opportunities when selling to painters and decorators, merchants should consider the benefits of stocking premium quality brands, which will not only improve on the quality and productivity of their customers’ work but also their ongoing relationship.

For more information on Purdy’s near-100 year heritage and to download its latest product guide, go to: https://www.purdy.co.uk/media/1108/purdy_product-guide_2019_final.pdf

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