Rainy Day Trust highlights ‘debt crisis’ support

Rainy Day Trust highlights ‘debt crisis’ support

The Rainy Day Trust is finding another way of putting meaning into its strapline ‘If you need us, we are here. If you don’t, we need you!’ as it highlights the support services it offers those working in the industry.

The end of May saw the ban on evictions being lifted, meaning that renters could be forced out of properties by bailiffs, something which had paused during the pandemic. RDT CEO Bryan Clover wants to draw attention to this, appealing to company bosses to promote the Rainy Day Trust’s free debt advice programme to staff.

Bryan said: “It could be that someone who works for you is affected by this and is terrified at the prospect of losing their home. The Rainy Day Trust can not only help with clearing rent arrears but also put other measures in place to help them increase their income and reduce debt overall. Asking for help is not a failure, it shows the strength needed to tackle a difficult problem.”

The Rainy Day Trust debt advice programme is free to all, not just those on low incomes. Likewise, the telephone counselling service is also free to all. Bryan added: “Working with us demonstrates to staff that you have their wellbeing at heart and aids staff retention. Please encourage anyone with worries to get in touch – 0800 915 4627.

“We have Debt Advice and Counselling leaflets which we can share with you to print out. They’re the perfect adornment for the back of a toilet door! Or a canteen! Or a staff rest room. Or anywhere else that people can see them.”

Stewart Shaw is MD of Cowal Building Supplies and a supporter of the Rainy Day Trust. He has ensured his staff know all about the Rainy Day Trust and the help offered to them if they wish it. “We’re such strong advocates of the RDT because without happy, healthy staff we’ve not got a business,” he says.

“The fact that the RDT offers our staff and everyone else’s staff help in times of need, and that it’s all done in confidence, is why we feel it’s such a worthy charity to support. We’re all very proud individuals in the building industry and I’m sure it is the same across the home improvement sector – whether we believe that or not! So being able to ask for help in confidence is in our view a priceless bit of support that all our team should be aware of.”

To contact the Charity for support, call 0800 9154627 or email via the RDT website https://www.rainydaytrust.org.uk/contact-us/

If you can help with potential fundraising partnerships, contact Bryan directly via bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk or call 07939 541289

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