Rainy Day Trust receives donation from Stax Trade Centres

Rainy Day Trust receives donation from Stax Trade Centres

The Rainy Day Trust’s urgent fundraising efforts during the global pandemic have received a fantastic boost this month with a donation of £27,500 from the UK’s largest non-food cash & carry wholesaler & trade supplier, Stax Trade Centres.

Rainy Day Trust CEO Bryan Clover commented: “Stax has been open and continued trading throughout this period and wanted to recognise the work that the Charity has been doing. This incredible donation from Stax will take the immediate sting out of the drop in income we have experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we still need much more just to tread water.”

David Hibbert, Joint Managing Director at Stax and Trustee of the Charity, said he hoped that other organisations would donate in this critical time. “Stax have been long-term supporters of the Rainy Day Trust and the work they do in helping those within our industry means a huge amount to us.

“The Covid-19 situation has led to tough times for some people during recent months, so we wanted to do our bit to help people within our industry who may have fallen on times of need.”

The Rainy Day Trust put plans in place for extra support and advice during the pandemic, for employees and businesses alike, including a leaflet ‘Help for your business to cope with the new normal’ designed to appeal to businesses potentially at the beginning of any restructuring process. Fundraising continues with the RDT’s regular Christmas appeal for stock the Charity can auction well under way.

To contact the Charity for support, call 0800 9154627 or email via the RDT website https://www.rainydaytrust.org.uk/contact-us/

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