Rainy Day Trust says ‘donate your unwanted stock to us!’

Rainy Day Trust says ‘donate your unwanted stock to us!’

The Rainy Day Trust is reaching out to merchants with unwanted stock asking them to donate it to help raise funds for the charity.

CEO Bryan Clover said of charity’s response to COVID-19: “At present our income has fallen dramatically as all of our spring events have been cancelled, and both businesses and individuals have their focus elsewhere as you might expect. We are being as creative and imaginative as we can be when it comes to generating income from other sources.”

The most recent call to action to raise money for the trust is that donating old and unwanted stock. Bryan said: “If you’ve got old or unwanted stock, and are contemplating sending it to landfill, please don’t. Not only is it not good for the environment, but the Rainy Day Trust can make use of it. We can sell it through various means (eBay, Facecbook Marketplace and local fayres) and help raise the funds that we desperately need to keep going. We want to be here long-term for the people in our industry who need our help.

“If you have unwanted stock, please consider donating it to us to sell on and support your industry colleagues. Covid-19 has had a massive effect on our income at the Rainy Day Trust, so this is a golden opportunity for you to support us at no cost to you – and we can help you clear out the warehouse at the same time. We can arrange delivery at a time to suit you.”

Finally, for those struggling during these trying times, Bryan stated: “As always, we are here to help. It’s why we exist. The stress and strain associated with the virus will be causing a lot of anxiety, so please encourage people to use our telephone counselling service; perfect for social isolation as it turns out! We know only too well that applying for help from a charity can be seen as stigmatizing, but it isn’t. It’s short-term help to get you through a crisis or period of transition. If you or someone that you know needs help, please get in touch. It is all completely confidential. Remember, it’s a leg up, not a handout.”

If you have unwanted stock, contact bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk to discuss.

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