Rainy Day Trust welcomes SIG UK as its latest supporter – and launches Junior Apprentice Challenge!

Rainy Day Trust welcomes SIG UK as its latest supporter – and launches Junior Apprentice Challenge!

SIG UK has announced that the Rainy Day Trust is to be one of its charities for 2021/22, whilst the RDT has also revealed details of a fundraising initiative for the summer holidays.

RDT CEO Bryan Clover said: “We are delighted that SIG UK has chosen Rainy Day Trust as one of its charity partners for this coming year. As the only charity dedicated to supporting people from the home improvement sector, reaching as wide an audience as possible is absolutely essential if people, be it staff, suppliers or customers, are to receive the help and information that they so desperately need.

“By partnering with SIG UK, we can improve the lives of so many people either through direct financial assistance, improved education and training or through the use of our ‘free to all’ support services including debt or legal advice and telephone counselling.

“There is no need to suffer in silence, and we hope that this partnership will have an impact long beyond the time that it is in place.  We are your charity, here to help your people.”

The Rainy Day Trust is keen to hear from other key businesses across the merchant and home improvement sector wishing to support the charity, as Bryan continued: “SIG UK is donating 25% of its annual charitable fundraising to the Rainy Day Trust which is fantastic. That is a wonderful pledge and one we would dearly love to see other major organisations across the industry echoing.

“But it is also possible for individuals to look to raise money too. We have a number of initiatives coming up including a call-out to the younger generation, giving kids the opportunity to raise money via the Junior Apprentice Challenge to see what they can turn a single £10 from us into by the time they go back to school in September!”

The idea is simple. Rainy Day Trust gives your child aged 11-16 years old, a crisp new £10 note and they have until they go back to school in September to turn into as large an amount as possible, raising money for the RDT along the way. There’s even a prize at the end for whoever returns the largest amount back to the Charity.

Bryan explained: “It’s a great way to keep the kids occupied over the holidays and they can learn the basics of business at the same time. How they make their £10 grow is up to them, and is only limited by their imagination. Whatever they do, let us know please how they did it, and that they took the £10 challenge.”

RDT wants to see images of the fundraising ideas posted online, tagging it in with the hashtag #JAC

For more information on the idea or to offer other support to the RDT, visit www.rainydaytrust.org.uk/contact-us or email Bryan Clover via bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk

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