Ridgeons contributes supplies to DIY SOS project

Ridgeons contributes supplies to DIY SOS project

Ridgeons has contributed building materials, plumbing goods, and kitchen and bathroom supplies to a DIY SOS project in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

The project is currently underway to transform the home of Simon Dobbin, the Cambridge United fan who was left with permanent brain damage after a ferocious, unprovoked attack in Southend in March 2015.

Local volunteer contractors and the ‘purple shirts’ led by Nick Knowles with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen will improve the house in Mildenhall using donated materials, including those provided by Ridgeons, which are valued at around £6,200.

On Monday 13th November, employees from Ridgeons’ Newmarket branch delivered building materials including engineering bricks, concrete blocks, fast set levelling compound, cement, building sand, plaster and ballast. As the project progresses this week, Ridgeons will also deliver kitchen and bathroom supplies provided by the company’s suppliers, Caple and Symphony (Milano). Also, Ridgeon Group’s specialist plumbing and heating brand, PlumbStock, will be contributing plumbing goods.

Ian Northen, CEO of Ridgeon Group, said: “We are thrilled to be involved in this DIY SOS project to transform the house for Simon and his family who have faced huge challenges and deserve a fantastic home.

“As a company committed to supporting community projects across the East of England, it makes us proud to be part of the larger team creating an improved quality of life for the Dobbin family, as well as a home that will support Simon’s rehabilitation.”

The DIY SOS project will finish on Thursday 23rd November with the ‘Big Reveal’, when Simon and his family will see their renovated home for the first time. The date of broadcast is yet to be confirmed by the BBC.


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