Russells remains strong against changing winds

Russells remains strong against changing winds

Russell Roof Tiles’ collection of UPVC accessories is increasingly helping to provide customers with an all-in-one roofing solution as demonstrated by a 20% increase in sales and a record number of 11m accessory products sold this year, says the company.

Due to changing winds and climate conditions across the UK, the latest version of BS 5534 British Standard for Slating and Tiling now requires an increased number of fixings. However, contractors and developers are being warned to be careful as a mix and match approach to sourcing roofing products from various manufacturers is no longer considered suitable.

Manufacturers’ accessories and tiles are often designed to work in combination with each other and as a result, the 28,000 sq ft UPVC manufacturing site at Russells has seen customers not only turn to the manufacturer for its high-quality concrete tiles but also for its roofing accessories.

By sourcing both tiles and accessories from Russell Roof Tiles, customers not only have a 15-year guarantee from the firm but the knowledge that they will not experience roofing problems further down the line or have to handle avoidable insurance claims, asserts the manufacturer.

With more insurance companies clamping down on roofing claims, customers also gain value knowing their roofing solutions will also provide higher standards of workmanship.

This is aided further by Russells having its own dedicated accessory factory. The team is able to manage its supply chain while ensuring that each accessory is designed to work in harmony with its durable concrete tiles.

The technical team at Russells also recently moved to the UPVC site in order to work more closely with the production team, understand demand and provide appropriate fixing specifications on both tiles and accessories for customers.

Mark Parsons, Technical Director at Russell Roof Tiles said: “Our products, like many other leading manufacturers are designed and tested for use in combination with each other. Would you buy a car with a range of different parts, some branded and some not? How can you guarantee a product with different components supplied by different manufacturers that are expected to work together seamlessly?

“Our customers understand that changing legislation and weather conditions means that it is not good practice to mix products and with a dedicated sales and technical team, Russells is a brand they can trust to provide a sustainable and cost-efficient all-in-one roofing solution.”

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