Selco supplies materials to local artist

Selco supplies materials to local artist

The Catford branch of Selco Builders Warehouse has supplied materials to artist Michael Connell who uses scrap wood, broken glass and sash cord to make contemporary art in his back garden.

Michael, a 63-year-old floor screeder, said: “Construction is my livelihood, but art is my passion. I love to take waste materials and make them into something spectacular.

“I’ve been using the Selco up the road for years. They have been great as they let me take the bits of wood in between pallets and recycle them. It’s a huge help.”

Michael has built a large shed in his garden which he uses to do his artwork. The shed, called Povera and made entirely from recycled materials, was a finalist in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces competition and he also opens the doors every year for art exhibitions.

A film crew recently visited Michael’s shed to make a documentary about his work and he is also hoping to use the space for a fashion show next year utilising local designers who use recycled items.

Carolyn Bellers, Manager at Selco Catford, said: “It’s great to be able to support a loyal Selco customer like Michael in this way. I’ve seen some of his artwork and it’s fantastic. We’re an eco-conscious company so we’re pleased to see some of our waste being reused in an imaginative way.”

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