Silent shower pump technology from Triton

Silent shower pump technology from Triton

Working from home during lockdown may have become part of the ‘new normal’ for many in the UK, but while we’re not spending time in our usual office spaces, how productive can we be when it comes to dealing with unwanted household noises interrupting our thinking?

For those based in kitchens or dining rooms, trying to handle daily calls while competing with boiling kettles and washing machines has undoubtedly proved challenging.

Even sitting in a spare bedroom won’t necessarily guarantee an escape from unwanted noise. From flushing toilets to shower pumps whirring away in bathrooms next door, even the earliest of Zoom calls can be interrupted when living in close quarters with family and friends.

To help prevent such situations, Quiet Mark has been technically assessing products for years and awarding those which offer high performance and low noise.

Identified by a distinctive purple Q logo, the Quiet Mark can be found on products that have been tried and tested. This means that whenever a consumer sees the badge, they know they’re purchasing one of the quietest appliances in its category.

Triton Showers’ AS2000SR Thermostatic Power Shower was recently granted approval for its silent pump technology, in recognition of its commitment to providing quieter pumped showering solutions.

Tina Simpson, Marketing Director at Triton, said: “In homes with low mains pressure, where a power shower may be required, we’re aware that the motor can be quite noisy. For some customers, opting for a power shower may therefore feel like a compromise as this loudness could potentially disturb other house members.

“We also recognise that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice this moment of peace during their morning routine. Working from home is no different either, especially if an early start is required.

“The silent power shower has been designed with all these scenarios in mind; ensuring no unwanted disruptions at any time of the day or night thanks to significantly quieter operation, without compromising on quality or performance.”

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