Simon Acres Group launches retailer support package

Simon Acres Group launches retailer support package

KBB and merchant services provider Simon Acres Group (SAGL) has launched a comprehensive package of support services designed to “help retailers manage their businesses more effectively, close additional sales and increase order values”.

The complementary suite of services has been brought together under a new website which details the services. The new package is said to extend beyond the core offerings from SAGL of recruitment, training, and media to include KBB-specific services that cover a jobs board, qualified sales enquiries, finance, deposit protection, design support, HR, flexible payment solutions and wellness health checks.

Jordan Burns (pictured), Director of Services at Simon Acres, said: “We are seeing increased demand for these services, as retailers and merchants take up new business opportunities from increased spending by consumers on home improvements. The beauty of our offer is that businesses can take as little or as much as they want from the selection, knowing that they are all backed by the experience and knowledge of handpicked industry specialists.

“I am looking forward to visiting our retailers and merchants to explain the options in more detail, and help them access the support they need to save money, gain more sales and increase profits.”

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