SV Timber adds Combilift forklift to its operation

SV Timber adds Combilift forklift to its operation

SV Timber, an independent timber merchant and sawmill operation with branches in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and South Wigston in Leicestershire took delivery of its third Combilift forklift at the end of February. This ‘new pair of hands’ as Managing Director Ed Holder calls it, is a counterbalance design compact 4-way Combi-CB model.

The new truck is the third Combi-CB 3000 in operation at SV Timber; the first was acquired a few years ago and replaced a two directional sideloader. “One of our suppliers had a Combi-CB and said we should try it, and Andrew Whysall of Langley Mechanical Services also recommended it and it turned out to be perfect for busy branches like ours,” said Ed. “As our business has expanded — we opened the Wigston site just over a year ago — we have had no hesitation in ordering more of these versatile trucks.”

When it was introduced into the market in 2010 the Combi-CB was the first forklift to combine multidirectional capability with counterbalance design, enabling the handling of a mix of long loads as well as pallets. This has been a major advantage for SV Timber as Ed explains: “We use them to pick up and transport pretty much every item of stock such as sheet materials, carcassing and fencing as well as palletised loads. We still have some sideloaders for extremely heavy loads but the Combi-CBs are the backbone of our handling operations.”

Ed cites the trucks’ ability to access all areas, even the narrowest spaces, as a further benefit compared to less manoeuvrable forklifts as they are quick and nimble around the premises. SV Timber chose diesel power as the most convenient option as the trucks can be tanked up on site (LPG and electric CBs are also available). He also adds that it’s a very popular choice with the personnel who drive it.

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