Ten-25 combats lockdown slump with UT400 solution

Ten-25 combats lockdown slump with UT400 solution

Ten-25 Software is welcoming new customers from a range of sectors due to its, 100% cloud-based merchant trading system, UT400.

Due to the digital nature of UT400, the latest offering from the software company, everything from demo to installation can be done remotely, keeping merchant staff safe and their business healthy.

A changing marketplace

Managing Director Ian Oldrey says, “It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that merchant businesses need to embrace digital technology to keep up with the pace and demands of modern trading. For some that’s not a big leap, but for others who are still using manual or older legacy systems, it’s a lot to think about. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for merchants to make that transition, so everything about UT400 from the ground up has been based on making it as easy to use as possible.”

And it seems that word is starting to spread about the new software. In the last few weeks, a surge of new customers have signed up for UT400, including sawmills, timber merchants, builders’ merchants, plumbing suppliers and steel stockholders.

“The software itself is incredibly flexible, so it works equally as well for any type of trading business,” says Ian. “It allows a huge amount of customisation, so you can very quickly switch between metrics, weights, lengths, split packs and so on – if you buy, stock and sell products, this software will be able to help you.”

Providing the service merchants want

“We consulted many existing customers and talked to people throughout the industry to make sure we were building the system that merchants both needed and wanted,” says Ian. “But it wasn’t enough to make it effective – it had to be easier to use, to take out as many of the daily stresses and frustrations as possible. We even brought in an experienced video game designer to make sure the user interface is as engaging and simple as possible. We are thrilled with the results and have had so many positive comments back from users and people demo-ing the system.”

Flexible pricing for flexible use

In order to be as useful and accessible as possible, Ten-25 has also introduced a more modern subscription model of pricing, with different pricing tiers for different user requirements.

“We were aware that many legacy systems have a bit of an all or nothing approach with users, meaning you pay for a lot of features that most of your staff won’t ever need or use,” says Ian. “We have broken it down into levels, so that delivery drivers and yard operatives can access a stripped back version, with sales, finance or senior management having their own levels of access. That keeps it relevant and engaging, but also cost effective for more of the business to be involved.”

More staff on the system means more up to date information available throughout the business, giving an accurate, real time view of operations and stock.

Set up for staff safety, and business health

As a 100% cloud-based system, UT400 does not need to wait for the current coronavirus pandemic to end to start working for customers. Everything from system demo’s to installation can be done remotely so there is zero risk for staff.

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