The IPG’s 200th member: Thompson & Leigh

The IPG’s 200th member: Thompson & Leigh

The IPG has welcomed its 200th Member – Thompson & Leigh.

All new additions are said to help broaden the strong geographic reach of the network of independent IPG merchant stockists throughout the UK, with new members joining those who are continuing their support since the start up eight years ago.

Glenn Fisher,  IPG’s Managing Director said: “It’s encouraging to see new members joining the group on a regular basis, and in reaching our 200th member we are demonstrating our commitment to the great British independent business. The work we have done and continue to do to give our members a voice and the opportunity to compete in a busy marketplace is making a real and tangible difference – together we are stronger.”

Thompson & Leigh’s Sales Director, Ian Thompson commented: “The key motivating factors that made me want to become a member of The IPG were the financial benefits of course, but also there was the immediate sense of family that Robin Beal (IPG’s Chairman) and Glenn were creating. It was clear from the way they talked that the IPG was as much a passion for them as a business. To find there were the added benefits of marketing, e-commerce and counter offerings – it sealed the deal in our eyes.”

Ian added: “We had high hopes for this year, now we are aiming higher. The support we are already receiving from both new  and established IPG suppliers means there are exciting times ahead for us. Hopefully with our commitment the relationship will benefit both suppliers and the group alike.”

Since its launch, The IPG community is said to have achieved a ‘remarkable impact’ by raising awareness of the independent plumbing, heating, and bathroom retailer. The group states that it offers a unique business model, offering members the three core services of buying, marketing and digital, whilst it has a team of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals to answer all their members’ needs.

Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing said: “We want to make life as easy and as successful as possible for our independent businesses and enable their customers to buy the best brands locally at great prices. Many of our members have now adopted dual-branded signage and are playing a fundamental part in growing the brand of The IPG and strengthening the groups position within the market.”

Indeed, the IPG has announced that D.R Peel is the latest member to adopt the dual-branding, with the firm’s Managing Director Elliot Peel believes that being part of the group should be ‘all or nothing’. He wanted to fully commit by taking advantage of the dual branding, a new website and ‘all that IPG has to offer’. Describing himself as a proud member of the group, Elliot said he is “looking forward to going from strength to strength with The IPG beside him”.


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