Tobermore invests in sustainable packaging

Tobermore invests in sustainable packaging

In a bid to support the circular economy, paving and walling manufacturer, Tobermore has invested in more sustainable packaging.

Acknowledging that everyone has a part to play in protecting the planet, Tobermore has overhauled their packaging design to have significantly less environmental impact.

The 100% recyclable polyethylene film contains 30% recycled material. By using recycled material, Tobermore has decreased waste and reduced their packaging-related carbon footprint by 20%. The manufacturer reports that these environmental benefits come with no downfall to the quality or efficiency of their packaging.

The sustainable packaging has been rolled out throughout stocking merchants and building sites nationwide.

David Henderson, Managing Director of Tobermore commented: “We are proud to have invested in more sustainable packaging. Tobermore recognises the global challenge of packaging waste and consequently the need for a new plastic economy. To ensure we can retain the benefits of plastic, we had to rethink how we produce, use and re-use it.

“As a responsible manufacturer, Tobermore is committed to safeguarding future resources, reducing waste and saving energy. We have a responsibility to make sure that we keep plastic within a circular economy and out of our natural environment. We feel good about using packaging which is better for our planet and urge our industry peers to rethink their packaging also.”

Read more about Tobermore’s Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours here.

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