Tools, Fixing and Adhesive products – September 2019

Tools, Fixing and Adhesive products – September 2019


Duck Foot Anchor

Available exclusively in the UK from Hexstone, theDuck Footanchor has been billed (excuse the pun…) as the most effective plasterboard fixing in the world and has been named “the innovation of the future” by the jury of the Alfred Nobel ‘SKAPA’ award.

Theproduct itself is a patented self-drilling drywall fixing that is said to be easy and quick to install, and can hold up to 50kg of shear load weight from one anchor.Providing a reliable and secure fixing, it is able to handle a substantial amount of weight from a single fixing whilst the self-drilling concept is described as making it an easy option when looking to affix items to hollow stud plasterboard walls (single or double layer).

Said to be as simple as ‘drill, push, attach — done!’, the innovative shape and style of the fixing only makes a 12mm hole in the wall, which helps to protect the plasterboard, and makes any hole filling thereafter quicker and easier whilst offering an advantage over products which require larger diameter holes.

Duck Foot is available in packs of 8 and 25, which are tamper-proof, waterproof, and re-sealable. Duck Foot)


Snickers Workwear

AllroundWork stretch trousers

To achieve on-site mobility, Snickers workwear has introduced loose Allroundwork stretch trousers which feature a hi-tech stretch fabric and ergonomic design to ensure close quarter mobility at work.

As well as a classic Workwear look and feel, the trousers have stretch Cordura for increased durability as well as improved ventilation and comfort.


Bora Speedhorse

Designed for flexibility in a wide range of environments, Hyde has launched the Bora Speedhorse. According to the distributor, the Speedhorse takes just 1.6 seconds to set up and the unit is able to bear weight up to 680kg (1500lb).

Standing at 2.5ft (76cm), the Bora Speedhorse offers a longer beam for a wider support area and leg supports that can be flipped out to take the weight of boards, doors, plywood and other sheet material. When the job is finished simply pull the lever and fold the legs up — in any order.


Bent Pole Scraper and Carbide Scraper

Featuring an angled blade, Purdy has unveiled a Bent Pole Scraper to avoid the scraped knuckles that using a straight scraper can cause. The Bent Pole Scraper can be used by hand or, if necessary, is compatible with the Purdy Powerlock Extension Pole. According to the company, the heavy-duty handles ensure no snapping whilst a rust-resistant three inch stainless steel blade also ensures longevity.

For those occasions when extra power is required, the heavy duty Carbide Scraper has also been recently launched. Replacement blades are available separately and come with a Purdy lifetime guarantee.



36V Slide Compound Mitre Saws

Complete with laser guide system and LED worklights, HiKOKI has released the cordless C3607DRA 36V slide compound mitre saw (185mm blade) and the C3610DRA 36V slide compound mitre saw (255mm blade).

The C3607DRA 36V slide compound mitre saw allows the user to make bevel cuts up to 45° left and right and mitre cuts up to 45° left and 57°. It is also said to make up to 320 cuts per charge. The C3610DRA 36V slide compound mitre saw, meanwhile, can make up to 374 cuts per charge. Bevel cuts can be made up to 55° left and 60° and mitre cuts up to 48° left and right.



Protective Jaw Covers

For sensitive work pieces Knipex has launched 86 09 250 V01 Protective Jaw Covers. Designed for the Knipex Pliers Wrench (2018 models onwards) in the 250 mm length, the covers arelightweight and the zero backlash jaw pressure is intended to prevent damage to the edges of sensitive components. Made from plastic and with a soft, smooth gripping surface, the covers can be used on any delicate surface.

Coming in a pack of three sets of covers, these protective jaws will allow users to work without damaging surfaces prone to scratching.


Norton Clipper

CM35 Mini Masonry Saw

Suitable for cutting at ground level, Norton Clipper’s CM35 mini masonry saw is ergonomically designed to be compact and lightweight. With no legs and weighing just 40 kilograms and measuring around 30% smaller than other masonry saws in the Norton Clipper range, the CM35 is a portable machine that the firm claims performs just as well as its larger counterparts.

The CM35 is electric and features an extraction port to minimise dust during use. Wet cutting is also an option with the Mini Clipper, as it is easily plugged into an external water supply.



Painters Mate

Suitable for use both internally and externally on a wide range of surfaces, Geocel has launched Painters Mate — a decorator’s filler that the company says requires no sanding and is over paintable in one hour.

To prevent mildew and mould growth, Painters Mate has a fungicide incorporated in the formulation. Available in brilliant white, brown and magnolia finishes in 310ml cartridges, Painters Mate is also available in eco-friendly ecoSEAL foil sausage packs to reduce single-use plastic sent to landfill.

Bond It

WP100 Oxime Silicone

To add to its range of LMN products, Bond It has added the WP100 Oxime Silicone formulation as a bigger, 400ml cartridge. Available in 7 colours: white, anthracite, buff, black, brick red, dark anthracite and mid grey for matching to an array of profiles, this exterior silicone is for use on PVC-U window and door frame installations, and is said to offer rapid curing and excellent adhesion properties.

It is certified low Meko and contains additional PVC-U adhesion promoters, meaning sealing jobs can be completed in a shorter time.


Marshalltown 16″ Gold Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel

Available in various sizes and finishes, Marshalltown has launched the 16″ Gold Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel. The trowel features the company’s new patented DuraCork handle which is textured and tacky for added grip and durability.

The blade measures 16 by 5″ and is, according to the distributor, manufactured from the “highest grade hardened and tempered golden stainless steel”. This product is designed for use by plasterers, bricklayers, drywallers and other builders. 

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