Tools, Fixings & Adhesives products – May 2021

Tools, Fixings & Adhesives products – May 2021


Cordless UM36DA 36V mixer

The new cordless UM36DA 36V Mixer weighs in at 4.7kg, including the Multi Volt battery which detects whether it is being used in an 18 Volt or a 36V device and automatically adjusts the voltage. The Mixer itself features a constant speed control and a two-speed gearbox which makes it easy to churn and mix paints, mortar and many more mixed materials.

The two-speed gearbox has a variable speed trigger, with high speed suitable for paints and the low-speed option suitable for mortar. This is backed up with a five-year warranty.

Bond It

Reload range

Reducing the environmental impact of products is an increasingly important priority for the construction industry, and Bond It’s Reload range of silicones employs a reusable design that helps to minimise waste to landfill. Offering a more sustainable packaging solution, the system is designed for use with special sausage refills.

Three of the company’s most popular silicones and sealants — WP100, Frame-Mate and Multi-Mate — are currently being offered in the refill option, with the concept set to be rolled out to other products in the range at a later date.

Norton Clipper

Pro Diamond Blade

Norton Clipper has announced the release of its newly updated Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade, complete with a price freeze on the upgraded product to encourage sales for distributors. Said to ensure a more precise, quicker and sharper cut than its predecessor, the blade is available in a range of sizes, from 115mm to 350mm, to suit all cutting requirements.

To help stockists quickly and easily locate the correct tool for their customers, the Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade has been colour coded in blue and includes images of the correct applications and machinery.


All-in-One Anti-Mould

HB42’s Ultimate ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive is now available in an improved formula which includes Anti-Mould as standard. Solvent-free and available in a range of colours, the product can be used inside and outdoors, in the wet or dry.

Odourless, food safe and recognised for its very low emissions, the company lays claim to offering one of the safest all-in-one sealants whilst the added Anti-Mould formula is described as important to minimise callbacks for the trade working in bathrooms, wet rooms or other areas where moisture may be present.


Expanded range

The Spectre range has been expanded to include more products designed to make the lives of tradespeople easier. As well as the Spectre Advanced Multi-Purpose Wood and Timber Fixing Screws, which are said to incorporate features often only found in premium screws, a range of holesaws and screw driver bits have been added.

The Spectre range of screwdriver bits, for instance, includes nut drivers, bit holders and bit sets covering Pozi, Torx and Philips in 25mm and 50mm lengths.



Makita has expanded its 40Vmax XGT range with the addition of three new tools — the new Rotary Demolition Hammer, 216mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw and 230mm Angle Grinder.

All three of the additions to the XGT range include Makita’s brushless motor technology and Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) functionality when fitted with an optional AWS chip. The brushless motor minimises friction and wasted energy within the machine for better performance and extended run-times. The AWS function allows the tool to connect to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth.


Masonry screws

Optimaxx, Royd Tool Group’s high performance wood screw brand, has branched out into the masonry screw market with a specially designed fixing. The newest addition to the range, Optimaxx WallBite, is an all-steel, self-drilling one-piece threaded fastener which is said to be fully compliant to fire safety wiring regulation BS 7671:2008. These non-combustible screws are designed for light to medium duty applications including fitting fire-rated clips and other electrical installations.

Suitable for a wide range of materials including concrete, brick and stone, no pre-drilling is required for use in wood and plasterboard applications whilst up to 5.5mm pre-drilled holes may be required for some masonry materials.

Available in 6.5 x 32mm and 6.5 x 38mm sizes, the screws offer both white and chrome head finishes and are coated with the renowned Maxxtect exterior coating which makes them suitable for both interior and exterior application. They further benefit from a Torx drive ensuring there is no ‘Cam Out’ in more demanding concrete and brick applications.

The range is available in tub quantities of 75 and 100, depending on screw size, and is countertop ready in a robust display unit of 48, containing 12 of each size/finish.

Go to for more information on the new Optimaxx WallBite masonry screws and for details about becoming a stockist.


Tembé DIY & Building Products

Eco-Pac range

Under its Hippo brand of sealants and adhesives, Tembé DIY & Building Products has declared a “war on waste” in the construction sector, and is showcasing the products in its more sustainably-packaged ‘Eco-Pac’ range in eco-friendly aluminium foil ‘sausages’.

The company’s foil project first began in late 2018 / early 2019, and the aluminium foil sausages are said to contain less than 1% plastic and create 96% less waste than the plastic cartridges they replace. Indeed, Tembé has “invested heavily” to back a format it describes as being better both “environmentally and economically” to move users away from single use plastics and “change the market forever”.

A range of 14 foils are now available to cater for all jobs within the adhesive, filler and sealant categories across the “good, better and best” performance levels via products such as its high-performance, multi-purpose premium hybrid sealant and adhesive, Hippo Pro3. The foils themselves offer 400ml for the same price as a 290ml cartridge and can even be removed from the gun and reused again in the future. And once removed, it is clearly visible how much sealant remains in the foil, unlike the ‘traditional’ cartridge and plunger system.

Merchandising stands are also available to display the products and communicate Tembé’s broader campaign.

Click here: for more information and to view the company’s full 2021 product catalogue.

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