TP introduces smallest ever truck to its fleet

TP introduces smallest ever truck to its fleet

Travis Perkins has announced it has added a new truck to its fleet, the Scania dropside rigid truck, which comes with a crane and has been customised in the company’s latest livery.

It features a working crane, opening dropsides and pull down hydraulic ram stabilisers at the rear of the truck, and comes complete with four pallets and pallet fork attachment for the crane.

At 1:25 scale, however, these are in fact all ‘play’ features on a customised model toy truck that has been manufactured by Search Impex for model enthusiasts.

With more than 4,000 HGVs in its fleet, the Travis Perkins trucks are a familiar sight, and these model trucks are said to be popular amongst collectors throughout the UK.

Anyone interested in purchasing a model should contact a South East branch of Travis Perkins for details of availability.

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