Travis Perkins receives award at UK IT Awards

Travis Perkins receives award at UK IT Awards

Travis Perkins has been awarded top honours at the UK IT Industry Awards 2019 in the ‘Best Use of Cloud Services’ category.

The award, presented to Travis Perkins on 13 November at the Evolution London, recognises the company’s use of Cloud technology in their Digital Merchant Platform. It sets the group up for faster development of innovative technology products and services that will facilitate engagement with customers and colleagues in new, reliable and easier ways.

Beating the likes of John Lewis, Rentokil and Network Rail in the category, IT colleagues at Travis Perkins demonstrated they are setting the performance benchmark when it comes to the use, development and deployment of IT systems throughout the UK computer industry.

Group CIO for Travis Perkins, Patrick Knight, said: “These awards set the standard for outstanding performance throughout the UK computer industry, and there was a belief that Travis Perkins is a very traditional business, set in its ways, and that this level of innovation was not achievable. This platform and team has opened up a Pandora’s Box as to what we can do that was previously hidden to us, and how quickly we can move forward and create additional value across the business.

“What they have created really is top-tier in any setting. The award and recognition is great, the capability it affords Travis Perkins is sensational. All credit to the team for winning this prestigious award, I’m very lucky to have them, and this is a fantastic recognition of their achievements.”

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