HiB’s top tips on bathroom products

HiB’s top tips on bathroom products

British homes are getting smaller, placing the onus on homeowners to be smarter about their bathroom design. Accordingly, products that can enhance the style of the bathroom whilst also providing a space-saving solution are becoming must-haves. Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB, explains the potential for merchants.

The bathroom is the one room that many of us wish was bigger — it is arguably the most frequently used space in the home along with the kitchen, and yet often, is actually the smallest room in the building.

Yet regardless of the size of a bathroom, merchants are in an ideal position to recommend the right products to installers so that they can keep their customers happy. Below are HiB’s top tips for merchants advising installers on bathroom products to help cultivate the space available to the average homeowner, banishing the clutter without compromising on style.

Smaller fixtures

Homeowners don’t want to swamp a small space with a single huge cabinet, so products that suit the size of a smaller space are vital, like two smaller and more compact bathroom units in place of one larger piece. Products that offer the end user a level of flexibility and personalisation, such as HiB Novum’s which can be configured into over 30 different combinations, would be great for this.

A wall hung or a small bathroom sink with a pedestal will also use less space, and smaller racks and shelves offer additional room to store belongings. Most importantly, any cabinets and storage spaces can be used to avoid having clutter on show, as this can shrink a room in seconds.

Colour scheme

Light and neutral colours which open up a room and make the most of any natural light that the space has access to can make an enormous difference. Whites can give that illusion of a wider, brighter space the most, but the end user can also utilise a variety of soft colours such as light or dark greys, and classic blues which work harmoniously together to trick the eye accordingly.

Wall hanging

Wall hung units can also help to create the ultimate designer look as well as the illusion of more floor space in the bathroom. This design of furniture units can lend themselves to a minimalist style as well as offering a space saving option.

Even in instances where the width of the bathroom presents an issue, a taller, slimmer unit can be an ideal option by offering much needed storage with little protrusion into the room.


Natural light will always make a space look bigger, but for bathrooms general lighting is often used. An alternative to ambient underlighting is the addition of LED strips which fringe the top or bottom of furniture units. These bands of light can create a real style statement, opening the room up and making a huge difference to the perceived size of the space.

Corner units

Almost by definition, storage is a significant factor in taking up space in a bathroom. We own a lot of items, so it is important they are stored away safely and stylishly. To maximise space, corner vanity units are ideal to make use of an area that may have been previously wasted. These pieces are an excellent means of using ‘dead’ space for the purposes of storage, especially when it comes to small en-suite bathrooms or cloakrooms.

Focal points

A statement piece for the bathroom is a great way to draw the eye. It might be a large mirror (which can give the illusion of depth, making the room look much larger), a mirrored cabinet, or a light fixture that can fade between a spectrum of colours and shades. Keeping the bathroom simple and ensuring that one thing is the sole focus can completely transform the feel and ambience of the space.

Creating a spacious yet functional bathroom can be a challenge, particularly when many of us are limited on space. Thankfully, there are many space-saving solutions available for the bathroom that installers may not even know exist. From space saving units, to hidden storage solutions, a merchant will have something to suit every bathroom.


For more information on HiB’s line-up of space saving fixtures, visit https://www.hib.co.uk/furniture-range/

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