Pimlico Plumbers highlights troublesome potholes

Pimlico Plumbers highlights troublesome potholes

Pimlico Plumbers’ CEO Charlie Mullins has backed the Asphalt Industry Alliance survey highlighting that road damage takes the company’s vehicles off the road every week.

The Alliance’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance survey found that 17 percent of roads were in poor condition and, according to local authorities, it will take around 12 years and £12bn to bring the Britain’s road network up to standard.

Charlie says that the country needs to address the problem quickly if Britain is to become more productive, suggesting some additional private sector involvement could be a solution and is considering establishing a Pimlico Plumbers’ road division to solve the problem in London.

Pimlico Plumbers, which has a fleet of more than 230 vans, trucks, cars and motorbikes, which operate across Central and Greater London, are regularly impacted by potholes. Its in-house garage, located at its headquarters in Lambeth, often deals with vehicle repairs as a result of road damage.

In addition, the damage to the roads and the repairs required impact on the business’ productivity and its ability to reach customers around the capital at scheduled times.

Charlie said: If there was any anecdotal evidence needed to prove the state of Britain’s roads, just visit the Pimlico Plumbers garage. At least twice a week we have to take members of our fleet of vans off the road to repair damage caused by potholes.

“We’re told that infrastructure is a very large part of the productivity puzzle successive governments have been trying to solve for decades. But it’s not just about super-fast railway lines to the Midlands or motorway flyovers; it’s also the local network, which acts as the pipework that helps keep the vehicle-driven economy flowing.

“And, as any good plumber will tell you, a blocked pipe is a bad thing! A small six-inch hole in a road may sound insignificant, but all over London and the rest of the country, these little bits of damage are causing a mountain of pain for drivers and businesses. If we don’t sweat the small stuff, Britain will never challenge its neighbours in Europe and other countries around the world in the productivity league tables.

“If we don’t sort this out soon, our ability to get around our towns and cities, and therefore deliver and trade products and service, will crumble faster than the asphalt under the wheels of our vehicles.

“And if the pace of repair work doesn’t increase, perhaps I’ll start a new division at Pimlico Plumbers and hire crews myself to sort out the roads we need to get to our customers quickly and efficiently!”

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