Three trends for stylish gardens

Three trends for stylish gardens

Caroline Birdsall, Director of Marketing at Millboard, describes the top 3 trends they have seen developing in the decking market over the last 12 months.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have seen a huge increase in homeowners wanting high end, ‘show-stopping’ areas for dining and entertaining outside over the last 12 months. Decking areas are being designed with lighting, heating and shade factored in so that the space can be used year-round. It is often the finishing touches that take a deck to the next level in the eyes of homeowners.

For instance, adding edging to decking allows you to easily incorporate under-lip lighting for a really professional finish to entertaining spaces. Also, built-in seating using the same material can create a pared back, aesthetic with the illusion of space – very useful for smaller urban gardens. We have also seen a rise in projects using more than one colour to make decking the focal point of an outdoor space and we are seeing more and more creative colour combinations and laying patterns to provide that impact.

We’re also seeing people think hard about sustainability and building things to last. Buyers are being more discerning when they choose materials – they want to know what they will look like ten years down the line. Will they enhance their outdoor space long term? Will it be difficult to maintain? Millboard decking ticks both the longevity and low maintenance boxes.

We’ve also noticed that the popularity of TV garden design programmes means homeowners often have a firmer idea about what look and feel they want because they’ve seen it used on TV. This means they want choice, and in decking terms that means having different colours and textures available, from the charred Japanese look to bleached driftwood and all points between.

Millboard’s Enhanced Grain range has been extremely popular this year, as homeowners look to create a modern urban garden vibe, but we offer a wide range to deliver the choice consumers demand and expect.

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