Counter talk – PHPI

Counter talk – PHPI

PHPI delivers to its readers a wide range of industry information focusing on news, reviews, products and services. Here, we flick through the pages to unveil some of the highlights which are most relevant to your trade customers.

We get started by taking a look at the Heating & Renewables feature first, which is kicked off by The Radiator Company. Hearing from Business Development Director, Grant Dixon, he states that it is paramount to upsell standard radiators to a more bespoke one. Not only could this increase the amount of a sale for merchants, but it also helps to elevate your customer’s own project.

He suggests options such as cast iron radiators which can add ‘Victorian character’, the Ancona radiator which is a sectional designer radiator which allows for freedom of flexibility as well as steel column radiators which offer a multitude of height.

Adey follows with the introduction of not one but two new products. First up is the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense which is said to be the industry’s first Wi-Fi enabled magnetic filter. It has been designed to provide high performance system protection as well as connected preventative maintenance.

The second introduction is the MagnaClean Atom which has been added to its range of magnetic filters. With just 115mm needed for installation, it has been designed for even the smallest of spaces and features classic Adey hallmarks such as slip socket which enables fitting in less than two minutes.

Closing off the Heating & Renewables feature is Pump World with the launch of two underfloor heating circulators the Smartcirc Optimo 25-7/130 and 25-8/130. The latter 8m head circulator boasts a maximum flow of 4.5m3/h and has been designed for larger heating systems with more heating points.

It also showcases an energy saving variable speed control, integrated night mode and fixed and underfloor heating modes that can all be monitored using the pump’s LCD display. The pumps also have an electronic connection with a manual start up feature, as well as control modes and power adjustable function.

Next on the scene is the Plumbing & Bathrooms feature and we begin with Wilo and the benefits of fitting a condensate pump to combat acidic condensate. As merchants, this type of knowledge can be a valuable tool to use to ensure you can provide the best tips when helping your customers select the right products.

With the Wilo-Plavis family of condensate lifting units, they can help prevent the build-up of acidic condensate for existing or newly installed condensing boilers or air-conditioning units in residential homes. The fill level of the 1.1 litre tank is monitored using embedded electrodes which identify the fill level of the tank and empties this automatically as required, therefore, preventing costly damage caused by a build-up of acidic condensate.

Entering the spotlight now is Methven who showcases its Tūroa collection of showers, tapware and matching accessories. A range like this is a great up-selling opportunity for merchant staff who can introduce customers to the entire range, which can be fitted across the bathroom.

Made from stainless steel, the range features Methven’s latest patented spray technology VJet — a variable spray pattern that can be personalised to each user. Tūroa’s hidden channels create spirals of water that flow through the nozzles across the entire showerhead, whilst the handset slider activates a spray transition.

Best known for its own showers, next we have Mira introducing its first ever bath range. Designed using the same engineering as the company’s Flight tray range, the Flight bath includes BioCote technology which reduces mould growth and allows for optimum hygiene. Other key aspects useful to point out include its polyconcrete core and square ‘tellis’ design frame which minimises flexing or deforming, allowing it to withstand a 490kg load.

Walking into the Tools & Workwear feature is a review on the Solid Gear One GTX safety boots. Roger Bisby takes us through the features step by step and the benefits come from waterproof star knit Gortex surround which provides breathability and ventilation up through the sole.

The S3 rating on the boot also gives protection against standing water and spray and the double deck of the EVA rubber is said to be heat resistant and highly puncture proof. The lining is also antibacterial to provide increased hygiene and the sole showcases flexibility allowing the wearer to comfortably flex the sole while on site.

Closing the round-up this month is Bosch and its GDR Impact Driver which comes in two models — a GDR 18v-200 C Impact Driver and GDX 18v -200 C Impact Driver/Wrench. It also features three pre-set speed settings, with a maximum torque of 200Nm.

Like many products these days, it includes Bluetooth connectivity which is available through the Bosch Toolbox app and gives advantages such as allowing repair orders to be processed quicker, while functions such as ‘soft start’ can be enabled for more precise tool positioning when screwing in wood. A tool which is certainly packed full of features!

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