Counter talk – Professional Builder

Counter talk – Professional Builder

Offering merchants an indication of what is capturing the interest of the trade, Professional Builder showcases the latest from the building industry to bring to its readers a multitude of content.

First up in our round-up of the latest issue of PB is the Roofing, Flooring and Insulation feature and back for another review is Roger Bisby to take a look at Leadax, available from Cromar Building Products. Made from waste material such as reclaimed laminated windscreens, the lead substitute features an aluminium reinforcing mesh, which Roger says holds together even under stress.

Said to be as malleable & pliable as lead, it can also be worked with traditional lead working tools. As Roger attests, it does need but needs the addition of adhesive if tiles need sticking to it as it is not self-adhesive, but it can be clipped as is done with lead.

Tapered insulation can be installed above a variety of decks either with standard waterproofing or as part of a green roof system. They are usually lightweight and use a dry installation method so trade professionals will not have to wait for the surface to set — points merchant staff can make when recommending these types of products.

Rounding off this feature is Kerakoll which has relaunched its collection of adhesives, sealing and cleaning products for hardwood flooring in the UK. The new collection includes Slc EP21 Rapid (a rapid primer/DPM), new formulations of the L34 range of adhesives including a new rapid-setting product, and cleaners, fillers and varnishes. A hardwood flooring system brochure has also been made available which could be a useful POS tool for staff to use when advising on these products.

Tools, Fixings and Adhesives are up next and we head back to Roger Bisby to hear all about the latest Milwaukee addition. Designed for use with the Milwaukee 12 Ah High Output range, the table saw is equivalent to a 15 Amp mains powered machine and has a wide enough fence to allow the user to cut an 8 by 4 sheet straight down the middle.

Roger states that the rack and pinion fence produces a nice parallel precision cut and the canvas cradle prevents saw dust dropping out of the bottom. It is also worth noting that everything can be stored on-board so when it’s time to pack up and wind the blade down, it is stored into a compact unit that can be stacked on top of other boxes — perfect for ease of transport and keeping a work area tidy.

Workwear next and Snickers returns for another review and this time its 8041 FlexiWork Zipped Fleece Hoodie is in the spotlight. Part of the workwear company’s stretch range, it is made from a mesh fleece material which feels lightweight to wear and is breathable; therefore, ensuring moisture is drawn out.

It can be worn as an outer layer in mild temperatures or as a mid-layer underneath a shell jacket in cold conditions. The fleece also showcases two zipped hand pockets and a water repellent chest pocket for a phone. Thumbholes in the cuff will keep the sleeves in position, whilst an adjustable hood will be useful when those April showers come along!

Onto a laser quest now as Makita has introduced the 12V Max Cross Line red and green lasers which offer clear line visibility of up to 25 and 35m respectively, and 80m with the detector laser in pulse mode. The company also says that the increased return of the cross lines in both vertical and horizontal directions, as well as in tilt, in both locked and unlocked functions, means that the projection of the lines is not only visible to the front surface but is projected back across the ceiling, floor and side walls, and even the stairs of a room.

General Building enters the fold and we get to grips with UltraTileFix’s ProGrip FX fibre reinforced semi-rapid tile adhesive. Suitable for use with porcelain, mosaic and natural stone tiles, the adhesive offers an extended pot life of 2.5 hours to offer a greater fixing time. The company says the solution has been developed to provide improved grab and enhanced body, rendering this fibre reinforced semi-rapid adhesive capable of fixing large format tiles.

Closing the round-up this month is none other than Bosch as it lights up the final pages of Professional Builder. Expanding its Connectivity system for professionals, Bosch is now offering two cordless floodlights with 1,200 or 2,200 lumens. The 1,200 lumen option runs for 80 minutes per amp hour at the highest brightness setting.

Both tools can be controlled via the Toolbox app meaning users can switch it off and on, dim the lights, couple multiple floodlights and activate the timer. As the digital age continues, more and more of your customers will begin to favour smart products which aim to make use simpler and more time efficient. 

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