Counter talk – Professional Builder

Counter talk – Professional Builder

Bringing its readers the latest news, Professional Builder is the business magazine for the building trade. We take a look at its December issue to see what products and services are of interest to merchant customers.

A wintry front cover reminds Professional Builder’s readers of the harsh weather conditions that are to be expected over the coming months. But, it also serves to showcase the advice the magazine is looking to share with its readers as they work through those more inclement climes to ensure they are ready to face everything that may be thrown at them.

We will come back to that topic later, but first we shall take a look at PB’s Top Products 2018 feature, which includes some of the year’s stand-out innovations, chosen by its readers. Jumping straight in with Bond It and its EasiSeal Pro weatherproofing sealant, which makes up part of the company’s Pro Range.

This range of sealants combines both silicone and polyurethane into one hybrid product and has been designed as an alternative to traditional roof repair products. It is applied cold and dries and cures odourlessly due to the fact that no chemicals are released. It can also be painted over with most paints, presenting a real all-round solution!

Imperial Bricks’ Handmade Bricks range has also made PB’s Top Products of 2018 countdown. Stressing the enduring role bricks hold in building projects, Imperial is urging trade professionals to turn to a handmade brick option.

Regional variations in colour and texture can be matched around the UK by selecting this style of brick and they are available in both metric and imperial sizes. New to the product portfolio is the Waterstruck range which are said to measure up exactly with modern blocks and lintels.

Rolling in next is the Knauf ProRoll, a roller-applied range of finishing and surface-levelling ready-mixed plasters. Available for both smooth and textured backgrounds, the product is applied using a 9in. medium pile roller and extension pole as required.

The ready-mixed solution can be applied directly from the tub, producing a fraction of the mess associated with a traditional plaster product. Any excess material can also be removed from the surface and recycled into the container, reducing waste even further.

Rounding off our look at a selection of PB’s 2018 Top Products is Royd Tool Group as it showcases its ACER Marking range. Products currently include the Deep Hole Pencil, Deep Hole Tipped Pen, Replacement Leads pack and the Replacement Leads & Deep Hole Pencil Pack.

Features included on the pencil, are a long and sturdy metal shaft, replaceable 120mm long pencil leads as well as an in-built removable pencil sharpener.

As mentioned previously, PB has dedicated an entire feature to working in winter to ensure your customers are ready for the approaching cold weather. Kicking this section off is Swarfega with its Tough range of skin care products, launched to celebrate the company’s 70th birthday!

The range includes products such as the TOUGH Gel Moisturiser which is an after-work cream for general use and prevents the skin from drying out. Swarfega recommends protecting the skin in three stages: protecting before, cleansing during and restoring after work. It recommends its Gel Moisturiser and Protection Cream for this process.

Winter warmers are next up in this section, provided by workwear brand Dickies. The company provides a range of tips to ensure trade professionals purchase the correct winter workwear and merchant staff should be aware of these items too and the benefits they provide.

One such example is the importance of ‘layering up’ and a good mid layer that keeps the body’s core temperature stable is Dickie’s perfect choice. A fleece or padded body warmer can be fitted under any outerwear as a final layer, particularly when working in cold indoor environments. Hoodies, softshell jackets and fingerless gloves also make up its recommendations for those winter months.

Moving onto the interior painting, decorating & refurbishment feature next as Dulux Trade shares its latest foray into water-based paint. With the launch of Diamond Satinwood, Dulux hopes to deliver excellent flow for a high quality finish with professional results.

Made for use on woodwork and trims, the water-based solution is scuff, scrub and stain resistant and allows decorators to go water-based whilst still upholding the durability of its Diamond range. It also has environmental benefits as it cuts out harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are emitted from solvent paints.

Concluding us this month is Cheshire Mouldings, which has expanded its internal door range with 75 new style choices. These include the Cambridge seven panel oak door and the DX engineered oak door which feature Cheshire’s durable installation method.

The latest styles in the range can be specified as fire doors, glazed and timber options or white primed in order to provide your customers with a wide range of solutions to suit any type of renovation or new build project.

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