Professional Builder Campaign News – June 2019

Professional Builder Campaign News – June 2019

Kelly Newstead takes a look at some of the latest ad campaigns being seen by the 120,000+ readers of Professional Builder this month…

Ecotherm Insulation
A rather appetising advert from Ecotherm Insulation cleverly demonstrates how well things are made for each other with the example of the classic egg and bacon. The advert showcased to PB readers is for the firm’s 2 in 1 insulated dry lining board for fix and dab applications, keeping on the theme of working better together

The striking colours on the advert make a bold statement, as does the product itself which combines a fibre free rigid PIR insulation core bonded to 12.5mm tapered edge gypsum plasterboard using proprietary gypsum adhesive.

Celebrating the fact that it has been providing expertise for the last 25 years, Everbuild proudly showcases its new and ‘most advanced sealant and adhesive ever’ — EB25.

Championing the versatility of a product said to boast superior flexibility with incredible bond strength, the advert builds on the black and yellow cartridge design to create a strong look — just as the product itself promises to deliver.

SDS-max Hammers
This ad from Metabo is all about power and the image used here clearly demonstrates the force that can be delivered from the new SDS-max line-up. Packing a punch it bursts out of the page in full confidence and delivers the message that the tools are a force to be reckoned with.

With a range of chipping hammers and combination hammers, the Metabo SDS-max collection is said to deliver the highest drill performance due to its brushless technology. Your customers will also be interested to note that the advert details how a full service worth £99 is included, meaning no repair costs for 36 months.

Thermal & Sound Insulation
In its signature red colour, the Rockwool ad delivers a call for attention by posing the question ‘Perfect Renovation?’ The company confidently thinks this can be achieved by using insulation from its Thermal & Sound Insulation range which is all about saving money, time and energy.

The image depicts a typical installation and allows its audience to see the ‘quick to fit’ product at work, meaning that your customers can rapidly move on to the next job and leave homeowners with a renovation that delivers ‘comfortable, quiet spaces that save on energy bills’.

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