Protect your profits through winter with Carl Kammerling

Protect your profits through winter with Carl Kammerling

For merchants, professional hand tools represent a key profit driver, often delivering impressive margins. So how can merchants maximise sales of this category during winter months, when the construction industry is so often hampered by poor weather? Carl Kammerling believes some of its products may provide the solution.

With last December the wettest month ever on record, and torrential downpours bringing the UK to a standstill, durable tools and tool storage systems that can withstand adverse weather conditions will prove particularly valuable for tradesmen, providing solutions to working on cold, dark and wet building sites over the testing colder months – something that merchants should aim to capitalise on.

Generally tradesmen only require a core base of tools and equipment for most projects, so selecting the right mix of products featuring elements that take into account the needs of tradesmen dealing with the winter weather can go a long way in helping merchants of all sizes secure happy, returning customers.

Carl Kammerling believes it has a variety of applicable tools that merchants can offer their customers, with some of the highlights outlined here.

Maintaining tools is a major factor for tradesmen, so tool storage offering insufficient protection can lead to damage to its contents, leaving valuable tools and equipment at risk.

Addressing this issue, the C.K Magma Technician’s Tool Case Plus is said to be 100% waterproof and crackproof, with a rubberised base designed specifically to keep tools protected and dry when placed on wet surfaces. An internal document pocket, 50 tool pockets and holders and a durable polyester construction means all contents are kept neat, separate and dry.

Working in tandem with the cold, reduced visibility is another factor of the winter months. The C.K tools range of Cree LED Head and Hand Torches are claimed to illuminate the darkest of crevices to allow work to continue, despite gloomy weather. These robust hand torches and head torch lamps are constructed from high-grade aluminium, which provides protection from drops of up to 1m, and more importantly they are all water and dirt resistant to IPX4.

ck-workinginwinterheadtorches-16In addition, the C.K dextro VDE GLO Insulated Screwdrivers are a glow in the dark, professional screwdriver set, featuring a unique phosphorescent handle that gives off a strong, highly visible glow when working in dark, or low light conditions. By exposing the screwdriver to natural light, the phosphorescent material handle will charge enough to provide 20 minutes glow, whereas exposure to stronger, artificial lights, will provide up to 30 minutes glow, making it easier than ever to find tools in the dark.

Within the construction industry, where efficiency and quality are demanded, compromising on the quality of tools and storage solutions is not recommended. The use of reliable products leads to a better end result, and allows tradesmen to focus entirely on the task they are undertaking.

Durable tools and equipment are essential for tradesmen all year round, but in the winter, and especially when working outdoors, tools and tool storage solutions that can weather the British climate, are essential.

Carl Kammerling asserts it constantly monitors and assesses the needs of tradesmen and the state of the industry as a whole, to identify what end users consider a priority when it comes to tools. Obtaining continuous insights about the needs of the tradesmen ensures it is well placed to develop tools and solutions that provide revenue streams for merchants.

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