Tackle a life of grime with Big Wipes’ Power Spray

Tackle a life of grime with Big Wipes’ Power Spray

Getting rid of grime such as silicone and paint can be a tricky business for tradesmen, especially when there is no water available on site. Big Wipes tells PBM that its 4×4 Power Spray can provide the perfect solution.

The brightly coloured yellow Big Wipes tubs are becoming an increasingly common sight on merchants’ shelves whilst the firm’s eye-catching demonstration vans and presence at trade events such as Professional Builder’s Toolfair exhibition are raising awareness and driving demand. But behind the marketing and brand building, Big Wipes boasts some serious cleaning capability, and its latest innovation has been the introduction of its 4×4 formula.

The formula includes four powerful cleaning agents, and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, hence the ‘4×4’ name. This combination, the company claims, makes it tough on grime whilst remaining kind to users’ hands. In addition to its core ranges of industrial wipes, this formula has now been applied to an anti-bacterial 4×4 Power Spray which has been designed to ensure the effective removal of paint, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones, PU foam and general grime.

While the wipes are perfect for a thorough “one wipe and it’s gone” clean-up of hands, the Power Spray is said to be ideal for pre-treating large areas such as walls, floors or window frames before wiping them free of dirt. Its speedy removal of muck means that users can also save time and money by fixing spills and accidents quickly and effectively. Here the spray is also useful for making good, removing traces of building dust before presenting that newly finished bathroom or kitchen to a client.

The spray is especially effective if there is no water on site, which tends to be the case on many working sites, and can be used to clean tools and equipment by quickly getting rid of any dirt. In the event that a tub of wipes may have begun to dry out (if left outside in the sun, for example), the water-based spray can even be used to instantly ‘recharge’ them, making them moist and ready to clean up hands, tools and surfaces in seconds.

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