New POS makes it easy to sell DeckWright inserts

New POS makes it easy to sell DeckWright inserts

Billed as the “ultimate solution” to slippery timber decking, DeckWright Inserts are now available to sell in a compact merchandising stand that also houses a video presentation, decking sample and sales leaflets, ensuring that the anti-slip product can “sell itself” from builders’ merchant stores.

Manufactured by WJ Group in Hull, DeckWright Inserts are a fully tested and approved ‘T’ shaped grit and resin product, supplied in 2.5 metre coiled lengths. Easy to cut and apply to most grooved decking boards, a specially formulated adhesive fixes the inserts into the necessary grooves, providing a robust anti-slip property that so many people are seeking.

Mark Eggleston, WJ Group MD comments: “It is extremely common for someone to lay timber decking and only then, appreciate the safety hazard of it becoming slippery when wet. DeckWright Inserts provide a cost effective and long lasting retrospective solution to this common problem, giving many merchants and retailers a clear sales opportunity from selling these clever inserts in their store.”

DeckWright Anti-Slip has been fully tested and approved by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton in accordance with BS7976: 2002. The anti-slip decking manufacturing process is independently QA audited and is compliant with ISO 9001: 2008. Now, following feedback from stockists, the manufacturer has developed a compact, rigid card stand that presents DeckWright Inserts from a floor space of around half a square metre.


A 90 second video plays on an integrated LCD screen, explaining how to use the inserts and highlights the safety aspects of the product. Potential customers can see this promotional video on the company’s website

DeckWright Inserts can be retailed in 25 metre kits which include the adhesive (at £50 RRP) or as 2.5 metre coils (£6.99 RRP). Whilst some individuals might wish to anti-slip a small stepped area or walkway, others will wish to cover a much larger area.

The merchandising stand is available free — when purchasing either 24 kits or 18 kits, a case of coils and a case of adhesive. Stockists have the option of retailing one or both formats from the same merchandising stand.

Mark adds: “We recently showcased the new merchandising stand at the Glee gardening exhibition and also at Timber Expo. The response was extremely positive and demonstrates that a new product is so much more interesting when a merchandising solution is available to maximise its sales potential.”

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