Gorilla Tape hits the screens

Gorilla Tape hits the screens

Gorilla Tape is reportedly going from strength to strength with the next phase of its TV advertising campaign.

Following the success of previous campaigns, the brand is sticking with TV as a medium with a run of 10, 20 and 30 second adverts over 2016, which saw its return last month across a breadth of channels, including Dave, Sky Sports, Discovery and many more.

Using the iconic ‘Gorilla’ character once more, the adverts are part of a strategic above the line campaign which is also underpinned with digital activity, radio and press across national titles. The ads can be seen across the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland, demonstrating Gorilla Tape’s all-weather proposition in every region.

Simon Damp, Managing Director of Gorilla Glue Europe, said: “We first took Gorilla to the small screen in 2012 with a limited budget, which was a bold move but one that paid dividends for the brand. The objective of increasing brand penetration has worked, with the products now being stocked in B&Q, Wickes, Wilko and many more national retailers across the UK and Ireland, something which TV advertising has certainly helped us achieve. The brand has returned to TV from the start of 2016, so we would encourage retailers to maintain healthy stock levels in response to this.”

With a buoyant adhesive and sealant market being seen across the UK, coupled with the increase in the homeowner DIY market, Gorilla Glue has also further enhanced its range with new and innovative products just launched at the Totally DIY Totally Tools show — Gorilla Grab Adhesive, Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting Tape and Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle.

Simon Damp added: “The Gorilla Glue brand has become synonymous with the toughest jobs and it is this strength and durability that only our product range possesses that has ensured the brand is now a must have in any toolbox. I am really pleased with the way Gorilla Glue Europe has grown over the past year and look forward to continued growth through 2016 and beyond.”

For more information, visit: uk.gorillaglue.com

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