Ariston’s training vehicle hits the road

Ariston’s training vehicle hits the road

Ariston has unveiled its brand new display and training vehicle (DTV) in perfect time for the heating season. The new training facility allows the company to take its products out on the road and get closer to both merchants and customers. The vehicle is emblazoned with Ariston’s latest branding and imagery, while it also boasts the personalised number plate ‘AR13 TON’.

The DTV is equipped with an array of the company’s core products, including a fully functional E-Combi evo boiler, complete with a working Ariston NET smart remote control system. Other boilers showcased include a Clas HE evo and an E-System evo.  The vehicle is fully equipped for extensive training on all these products and controls.

The vehicle houses an Andris Lux under-sink water heating unit, which is displayed alongside a Nuos FS 200 heat pump water heater and an Aquabravo ITI 80 unvented cylinder. The DTV  also incorporates a mobile Wi-Fi system, as well as a wall-mounted smart TV that can be used as a PC monitor, aiding on-board presentations.

Commenting on the new vehicle, Mustafa Findik, Managing Director at Ariston, said: “The DTV is an incredibly valuable tool, not only for our business but for customers and merchants as well. This new model further showcases our commitment to training and dedication to promoting the latest, high efficiency heating technologies. Plus, we can take our products and expertise right into the heart of the field, enabling installers and merchants to experience our offering first hand.”

The DTV will be on the road throughout the UK from September 2016, with Ariston posting full details of its routes online at In addition, the vehicle will be stopping at the PHEX events in Manchester and Chelsea in October 2016 and November 2016 respectively, where it will be hosting a series of special training sessions.

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