BA discusses kitchen design trends

BA discusses kitchen design trends

Nuala Brady, Group Marketing Manager at BAone of the UK’s leading manufacturers of factory-built, bespoke and made-to-measure kitchens — discusses the latest interior trends helping to shape the UK kitchen market.

We are noting that the latest developments in kitchens are placing an emphasis on high-quality convenience and modern originality, and this has revealed a new desire for expedient furniture design that is transformative. Well-considered space planning is therefore centre stage right now, with custom furniture and bespoke design services taking the rather dated idea of four-wall kitchen design to new levels of open-plan living, which is discreet and perfectly styled to suit the individual and elevate both home and lifestyle.

Colourful cabinetry and classic contemporary design continues to win-out as ‘vintage’ becomes a designer term in the modern kitchen and authenticity never outdates. Marrying two styles together to create a modern take on a timeless interior style and/or architecture, this shift towards eclectic kitchen interiors has stemmed from the market’s love of industrial-style where mixed materials, opposing interior design styles and strong, defining hardware remain a firm favourite.


Furniture is now riding the line between traditional and contemporary design, and the iconic Shaker-style period has proved its worth, inspiring new options where the door is being used to add character and define the overall look and feel of the space. This has led to new in-frame style doors growing in popularity, with varying degrees of ornamentation added to the rail profiles to create classic square panel doors, designs with mock and narrow frames, through to V groove detailing to replicate a five-piece door.

The latest handleless designs are also proving successful, especially in multi-generational households where ergonomic layouts and streamlined furniture solutions are called on to create high-functioning kitchen living spaces that are distinctly discreet.

Colours & Finishes

Heritage colours that are natural, earthy and sophisticated continue to grow in popularity, as more UK homeowners look to unify both home and garden space. Trending colours continue to embrace varying shades of green and blue, partnered with accents of white and grey and the latest contemporary foils.

In fact, foil finishes are also demonstrating huge value in today’s kitchen, offering anti-bacterial qualities that are fully equipped to withstand modern day life.


Open plan living continues to champion the broken plan layout, presenting a more flexible ground floor way of living as more and more homeowners want a kitchen that doubles as a social hub whilst retaining a dedicated space for cooking and dining. As a result, a need for practical island solutions like flush-mounted hobs and inset sinks continue to provide clutter free surfaces, as well as key design features like split level breakfast bars and essential low-level storage being used to separate the living area from the main kitchen.

We believe this increased demand for practical storage in the home is a direct result of open plan living now being central to all aspects of kitchen design, with many customers erring towards seamless layouts that help to avoid negative space and maximise on the kitchen’s working layout.

Finishing touches

Widely considered as the jewels of the kitchen, beautiful hardware like sinks, taps and designer handles are helping to define certain styles and create that all important signature style. Accessories are now elevating the latest handled kitchen designs, with standout metallic finishes like antique brass, nickel, matt black and wood being designed-in to evoke a heightened sense of luxury and personalised feel.

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A version of this article appeared in the October edition of PBM. Click here to read the full digital issue via the PBM website.

Launched to the market early last year, BA’s Kitchen Kit brand was described as “a new trade proposition for builders’ merchants and kitchen installers”. Effectively an ecommerce proposition which can be offered by merchants, the Kitchen Kit range is focused on leading quality design and offers a choice of the contemporary Slab portfolio, the handleless J-Pull or classical Shaker style doors in 10 of the latest on-trend colours in both UltraMatt & SuperGloss finishes. Worktops and complementary accessories also form part of the package.

The line-up is also said to make it easy “to plan, design, order and install”, and the brand has recently opened a new Training Academy to familiarise installers and retailers with its bespoke trade offer. Group Marketing Manager Nuala Brady said: “Embodying the core message of ‘Kitchens Made Easy’, the new Kitchen Kit Training Academy is open to our trade customers who want to become experienced in all aspects of the product, sales, delivery and application.”

BA has also released two new kitchen brochures, tailored to serve both the retail and trade sectors depending on the customer’s requirements. Said to be “practical and stylish”, the BA Kitchen Brochure is designed to support retailers whilst the Blossom Avenue brochure is geared towards homeowners.

BA discusses the latest interior trends helping to shape the UK kitchen market.

BA discusses the latest interior trends helping to shape the UK kitchen market.

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