Bond It extends merchandising service

Bond It extends merchandising service

Bond It is making a further demonstration of its commitment to the highest levels of stockist support.

The business, which manufactures sealants, adhesives and other building chemicals, has recently invested into additional staff and resources in order to extend its stock merchandising service.

The Bond It merchandising team will now be available to help a growing number of customers and to provide increased nationwide coverage.

The team can help with maximising product displays and with ensuring stockists are able to optimise their use of a wide range of Bond It point-of-sale and other marketing materials.

They can also assist with activities such as product demonstrations and with events like trade days.

Kirstie Cooper, Marketing Manager at Bond It, comments: “The Bond It merchandising service offers our stockists a number of valuable benefits.

“Firstly, it frees up the customer’s own staff to focus on other, potentially higher value, tasks.

“It also enables us to share our knowledge of best practice merchandising techniques and our experiences of what may have worked for other stockists of a similar size or who carry a similar stock profile.

“Plus, it’s an easy and effective way to ensure Bond It products and product displays always look their best.

“This can be particularly important in many competitive merchanting and other resale environments where maximum impact can be a key factor in ensuring maximum sales.”

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