Border enhances its CounterAct Software

Border enhances its CounterAct Software

In its latest upgrade, (2-5C), Border Merchant Systems has added a number of enhancements to its CounterAct software.

CounterAct enrichments will include new copying/importing and exporting facilities from previous sales, orders, directs, purchase orders and returns to supplier. Various improvements have been made to sales and order entry screens. In addition, direct orders have a new summary screen as well as improvements to the main purchase, haulier and order call off screens.

Notepad reminder emails can now be sent to multiple people in the company. So, for example, if a customer has promised to pay next week and the user will be out, someone else can be tasked to follow it up.

Border has added facilities to link documents to both customer and supplier details. CounterAct also now has the option of an order mask for customer reference at point of sale – allowing users to set the correct format for a customer order reference.

Other 2017 highlights include the option to distribute items across more than one branch and split an order in two from Maintain Customer Orders.

Finally, statements and remittance advices are now archived when they are printed and can be seen as linked documents in display customer details in CounterAct.

This new release, (2-5C), is available to all CounterAct users with upgrades supplied as part of the customer support contract. For more information, visit:

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