Bradfords launches “pioneering credit application system”

Bradfords launches “pioneering credit application system”

In what the company believes to be an industry first, Bradfords Building Supplies has launched a new online credit application system “which allows customers to shop instantly”.

Paperless from start to finish, the application process begins when a customer completes a simple form on the Bradfords website, which allows them to purchase goods immediately against their account on a cash basis. Following a rapid verification and credit check process, a DocuSign contract is issued and, on completion, customers are then able to purchase goods on their account using Bradfords’ credit facility.

The system has been set up by Bradfords’ IT team. Partnering with DocuSign has helped Bradfords to create a secure e-sign solution that’s fully integrated into the Epicor BisTrack ERP system and which complies fully with GDPR and data privacy requirements.

Jonathan Chard, IT Director at Bradfords, said: “To our knowledge, no other builders’ merchant offers a fully digital credit application process and the ability to shop immediately. This isn’t simply about digitising a paper-based process – we wanted to solve a genuine business problem. And the numerous issues we have addressed with our new service are not just limited to internal business improvements but are tangible advances for our busy customers.

“For example, the automation and clarity of customer communications throughout the application process means we can keep in regular contact with our customers and solve any concerns with their application quickly and effectively.”

Bradfords says it has the ability to approve or reject a credit application in a matter of hours, provided all the necessary details and evidence has been provided by the customer. Carol Dawkins, Credit Manager at the merchant firm, added: “The new digital process for the opening of credit accounts is a game changer for our department and the wider business. The system saves time for both us and the customer and has the added benefit of improved accuracy as we no longer struggle to read the handwriting of potential customers!

“The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive, with customers telling us they have been impressed with the ease and speed of the online process, plus the obvious environmental benefits of going paperless.”

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