CCF introduces two Moffet systems

CCF introduces two Moffet systems

CCF has introduced a load indicating system, and a second travel alarm system with additional lighting, to its Moffett truck mounted forklifts. 

The new system, known as the Moffett Load Indicator, will only pick-up a predetermined safe weight and prevents the operator from lifting or manoeuvring a load outside of the permitted design capabilities.   

A second system, with additional lighting and travel alarm, has also been introduced. This addition ensures that an operator is more visible while using the Moffett due to the extra lighting, whilst the travel alarm warns surrounding colleagues or members of the public when the Moffett is in use. 

Karl Wilshaw, Head of Fleet at CCF, commented: “Both Moffett systems were introduced as a result of direct feedback from our own operators. From there it was highly rewarding to take action and find a solution which would work and meet the CCF standard specification for our Moffetts entering into operation. This all forms part of the strong safety culture we have at CCF and the wider Travis Perkins plc group, so we are thrilled to continue this work and to be leading the way as the first company in the UK to use these systems.” 

Karl, continued: “We first trialled both Moffett systems at a single CCF branch location before introducing to the rest of the branch network, now we are proud to share that since August 2017 all new Moffetts have the systems fitted as standard.” 

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