Centurion Europe urges action on draughty homes

Centurion Europe urges action on draughty homes

As energy prices rise dramatically, Centurion Europe argues that its Warmseal brand can help by offering solutions to the problems of draughty homes.

With millions of older homes in the UK, many people are living in draughty homes which make them some of the most expensive to heat in Europe – and are in urgent need of maintenance and draughtproofing. Indeed, heat loss in draughty and poorly insulated homes happens much faster, meaning central heating systems are used more frequently and results in more expensive energy bills, as well as accounting for a fifth of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Poor wall insulation accounts for between 35-40% of heat loss in homes,

Around a quarter of heat is lost through the roof,

25-30% of heat loss is through windows

10% of heat loss through the floor

This all goes to show that preventing heat loss is essential to keep our homes comfortable during the winter months and save money.

And although it is important to allow our homes to breathe, controlled ventilation helps let fresh air in when needed. However, draughts are uncontrolled, letting in too much cold air and waste too much heat.

Draught proofing is a cheap and quick way to help homes retain heat, controlling draughts and improving the home’s thermal efficiency. Draught free homes are comfortable at lower temperatures too, allowing homeowners to turn down the thermostat, saving even more money on energy bills.

Accordingly, Centurion Europe argues that its range of Warmseal weatherproofing and draught exclusion products can help customers reduce heat loss by up to 35% and save on heating bills. The company says that all Warmseal products are “retail ready” and it has a number of merchandising solutions to help attract the attention of customers and drive sales throughout the autumn and winter.

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