City Plumbing boosts efficiency at SHAL Housing

City Plumbing boosts efficiency at SHAL Housing

Working with City Plumbing, Vericon Systems and ADEY, Somerset-based social housing provider SHAL Housing is turning to technology to improve the efficiency of heating systems and comfort for residents across its portfolio.

The “first-of-its-kind smart home scheme” is already said to have identified improvements that could be made in 83% of properties with SHAL and its partner Somerset Gas (who fitted the technology) having piloted the technology in a number of homes in order to assess the value for money and customer impact.

The innovative technology – including telematics hardware from Vericon Systems and app-based, onsite water testing and remote monitoring MagnaClean magnetic filters from ADEY – has been installed in individual homes, giving SHAL Housing “complete visibility of the health of heating systems.” In practice, the data gathered is being used to inform a proactive approach to property maintenance.

Remote, real-time monitoring means faults and inefficiencies are quickly identified – without the need for occupants to report problems. This insight allows maintenance teams to be equipped with specific fault information to quickly and accurately resolve issues before they cause greater disruption.

Using technology-based solutions, social housing provider SHAL Housing has worked with City Plumbing to improve the efficiency of the heating systems across its portfolio.

Peter Boakes, Head of Business Development at City Plumbing, said: “Our work with SHAL Housing, alongside partners ADEY and Vericon Systems, is a fantastic example of how social housing providers can proactively maximise efficiency and comfort for their tenants, while also looking out for the health of heating systems in their properties.

“We know lives are getting busier for tenants, and changes in boiler efficiency or other problems with heating systems can often go unnoticed. Meanwhile, those systems could be getting clogged or further damaged, shortening their service life and increasing bills for tenants. By leaning on technology, housing providers can see where boilers are working harder than necessary and accurately assess system health, enabling real-time data to inform their approach to maintenance.”

Alongside monitoring the performance of gas boilers and the wider heating systems, the technology from Vericon Systems is also being used to measure temperature and humidity in individual homes. By monitoring these factors, SHAL Housing can identify potential damp and mould problems and work with tenants to resolve any issues before they become dangerous.

Angela Gascoigne, CEO at SHAL Housing, commented: “We’re committed to providing high standards for all of our tenants, and with hundreds of homes across Somerset, technology is a critical tool in delivering on that commitment.

“City Plumbing, ADEY and Vericon Systems have already made a real difference to how we manage homes for our tenants. Being able to remotely gather data on boilers and heating systems means we can proactively maintain systems in every property, so our tenants can continue to enjoy comfortable homes, while we maximise the long-term performance of every boiler.”

Click here for more information on how City Plumbing supports social housing landlords and registered providers.

More details on the project can be seen in the two short videos below:

(12) SHAL Housing – YouTube

(12) SHAL Housing pt. 2 – YouTube

Using technology-based solutions, social housing provider SHAL Housing has worked with City Plumbing to improve the efficiency of the heating systems across its portfolio.

The technology installed on the project includes:

Boiler Control Module (BCM) from Vericon Systems. Connected to individual boilers, the telematics hardware gathers data on boiler performance, centrally collating it in real-time. Where faults are identified, the system also provides the fault code, allowing maintenance engineers to be equipped with the right parts to carry out a complete repair.

MultiDot from Vericon Systems. Measuring temperature and humidity within homes, landlords can identify the conditions which may lead to problems with damp and mould.

MagnaClean Micro3 Sense Magnetic Filter from ADEY. Supporting preventative maintenance and recommendations, the filter protects heating systems, with an indicator showing the level of magnetite capture.

MagnaCleanse from ADEY. Used to flush heating systems and remove debris and sludge, without the need to remove radiators for a full clean.

ProCheck from ADEY. A digital water test kit, ProCheck provides instant lab-style results on a variety of parameters, including turbidity, pH, inhibitor and corrosion.

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